Automatic fish feeder – An Introduction


People are now more interested in keeping at least one fish in the home. Fish keeping is a popular hobby. Many people have problems feeding their fish. People often have difficulty feeding their fish when they are away from home for long periods of time. These problems have been solved by the invention of an automatic fish feeder.

An automatic fish feeder feeds fish automatically by releasing the right amount of food at specific times. The device can be attached to the aquarium in a number of positions, most notably at the top. The device can either be powered by electricity or battery power. You can also use one of these power sources.

This container is usually divided into small cells. There may be between 8 and 28 cells. These cells can be used to fill with fish food. You can fill your container with many different types of food. This device can be used to give medications to fish.

Next is the timer, which allows you to set a specific time when the fish food should be released. The LCD screen allows you to set the feeding times, number of meals per day, and, in certain devices, the amount of fish food remaining in the container.

A fish feeder automatic can feed up to four times a day. Some can feed as many as eight times per day. Few can feed more than one month.

Some automatic fish feeders face food clumping problems. Cool air can cause food clumping by dampening the food and entering the cells. Clumping occurs when the food becomes clumped. It will stick to the cells and not fall into the tank. Many automatic fish feeders include a stir bar to prevent clumping.

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