Checklist: How to Clean an Apartment


This list will guide you step-by-step through cleaning an apartment.


Dust is inevitable. Dust can enter through doors and windows, as well as on clothing and shoes. It is best to dust your home once a week. This will help reduce the need to do more extensive You need the right tools. A vacuum cleaner with a long attachment, and microfiber cloths, will not only remove dust but also spread it around. Dust everything, even the most obvious.

  • Table surfaces
  • Chairs
  • Televisions
  • Windowsills
  • Wallpaper
  • Ceiling fans
  • Corner cobwebs


The floor can accumulate more dirt than dirt. Pick up any debris and place it in the right room or place.

  • Vacuum carpets and rug
  • Do the kitchen separately, mop or wash tiles or wood floors.


Living in a small apartment means that you need to learn how to clean it and maintain its cleanliness.

  • Get rid of any junk mail or piles of paper
  • Get rid of kitchen and bathroom garbage
  • All waste baskets should be replaced with bags. It is a good idea not to throw away too many bags for the next time.


The most difficult room in an apartment to clean and maintain is the kitchen. Start by doing the initial work and then you can do the rest as you go. This will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed.

  • Make sure to wash the dishes every day (collect dishes from other rooms).
  • Clear out the fridge. Throw away expired items and leftovers. Wipe down the exterior and handle.
  • Clean/scrub countertops
  • Toaster:
  • Wash all appliances, including the microwaves inside and outside.
  • Clean/scrub stovetop
  • Make sure to clean any stains on the walls
  • Clean up any crumbs or debris from the floor
  • Mop or wash the floor
  • Scrub sink


It is recommended that the bathroom be cleaned at least once a week. It can become a tedious job if it takes longer than this.

  • Use mildew-removing products in the bath and shower.
  • Clean the toilet
  • Grab the sponge and scrub the sink
  • Clean the floor


Dirty laundry is the biggest mess in a bedroom. You will need a large hamper to store your dirty clothes until you can get them washed.

  • Change your linens every week
  • Make your bed every day
  • Dispose of dishes and trash in the bedroom
  • Arrange magazines and other reading materials neatly
  • Open the windows and air out the room

You now know how to clean an apartment. But, do you have the right systems in place to keep it clean? Sometimes, your apartment doesn’t need a clean but it needs decluttering.

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