Divorce and Children: What to Consider If You Stay Married Just For Your Children


Divorce affects every child differently. The children’s ability to cope with divorce will depend on their age, emotional maturity, happiness, and resilience to trauma.

You know your children better than anyone. Use your best judgement with your children when considering divorce. This article on “Divorce and Children” is for parents who feel certain they will get divorced if they don’t have kids and want to consider the impact that a divorce might have on their children.

Children of divorcing parents can have wonderful lives as long the parents exercise good judgment and encourage the right kinds of interaction between them.

This web page is not intended to suggest that you should divorce. It also does not constitute counseling. This article is meant to help you think rationally about the topic of divorce and how to decide what to do with your children.

As stated previously, each child is unique and every child reacts differently to divorce.

You are wrong to think that there is a definitive answer on how divorce affects children. This topic has been the subject of hundreds of books and many studies. Each study cites different opinions and uses different statistical constraints. Statistics can only tell you so much. If you know your children well, you’ll know how divorce will affect them.

It is a complicated topic to consider how divorce affects children.

These are some things to think about if you’re a parent and you’re staying married because you have kids.

Considerations 1: Children and Divorce

People often use children to avoid getting a divorce. They aren’t sure if they want one or they have other fears. These fears may be caused by financial, self-confidence or living arrangements.

Before you decide whether to divorce your spouse because of your children’s behavior, you should rank your reasons and ensure that you are certain you would get divorced if you did not have children.

Consideration 2: Children and Divorce: Be sure that guilt is not the reason you’re not getting a divorce.

This is guilt that you feel because you think your divorce will be bad for your children. This feeling of guilt by itself is selfish if you don’t consider the consequences of a divorce on your children. If guilt is not the reason you want to divorce, but your unhappy marriage is still affecting your children’s lives, this is selfish.

Consideration 3: Children and Divorce: After you have made clear that you are not seeking a divorce because you have children you can then examine the reasons why you believe divorce will negatively affect your children.

While divorce can be detrimental to children at first, it doesn’t mean that divorce will have lasting negative effects on them.

Consider whether your children are resilient, intelligent, and able to cope with the negative effects of a divorce. After the shock of divorce, will they still be happy?

Consideration 4: Children and divorcing: After you have identified the negative effects of divorce on your children, you can start to think about the future.

Consider the following: “Can I create and sustain a healthy environment in my home for my children if there is a divorce?”

The feasibility of your spouse and you getting divorced amicably is crucial. You will be one step ahead if you and your spouse can reach an amicable divorce agreement and agree to put the welfare of your children above your own.

Make sure that you know why a divorce is necessary in order to provide the best environment for your children. Reaffirm your commitment to your marriage.

Divorce is often the first major trauma in a child’s life. This is something to keep in mind as you make your divorce decision. Divorce can be a difficult decision. You should not proceed with the divorce process until you are certain it is the right course of action. It is selfish to get a divorce without ensuring that it is the right decision. This is also a bad thing for your children.

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