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Given the novelty of the internet and the World Wide Web, almost everyone who has bought online has had to learn about commerce offline. “Dirty-side” commerce transactions are structural, schematic and semantic orders that don’t fully map to different media of the internet. This gap in mapping is what causes problems for users trying to shop online.

Commerce is a communication between two people playing a very similar role: seller and buyer. Commerce is a transaction between two parties. Someone must sell and someone must buy. These two bodies need to have a common understanding of how commerce works. Ecommerce websites can’t just make products available for purchase (they will surface it, but they will also buy …);), these sites have to play a role in the commerce transaction.

Websites that sell ecommerce website development company in mumbai products must be careful about how they communicate with users. Ecommerce websites play the role of seller and try to send potential buyers two messages: “Buy from us” or “Trust us”. These explicit messages can be distorted by distracting or contradictory messages that are often hidden in site navigation flow, page layout, visual continuity and information space.

Online commerce is a way for users to gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of traditional commerce.

Identity. Customers can quickly verify the identity of a merchant by simply walking into a bricks and mortar store. Stores can become part of the community or neighborhood, and can even be part of the daily life of customers. A physical store is tangible in a way that HTML cannot match.

Immediacy. Customers can feel the merchandise and touch it. The decision to buy can be influenced by tactile cues. Face-to-face transactions are usually unmediated. Your communication with the merchant is not in any third-party hands or technology (as is ordering by telephone).

Value. Value is the item that lies at the heart of the commerce transaction. It could be a product, a service or property. The transaction determines and validates its price. The seller agrees on a selling price and the buyer agrees on a buying price. It is easier to determine the value of an item and the relative value it has for the buyer if the item is near the item.

Commerce transactions are communicative transactions. That is, when two people engage in a transaction (buying and selling) it is not just about the exchange of goods. It also involves linguistic and social role playing. Commerce is governed both by social rules (in every culture, the seller follows different rules of behaviour from the buyer), and by language rules (certain words and gestures have specific meanings for a discussion about purchasing something).

Two roles are involved in a commerce transaction: buyer and seller. Each role has its own agenda. However, the logical assumption in a commerce transaction says that both sides want to work together to reach a mutually beneficial solution. Each role has its own agenda and purpose, and each role has expectations and beliefs about the role of the other.

Commerce sites must be aware and aware of the messages they broadcast to customers and users in order to succeed. Commerce sites cannot claim to be the most trusted or best if they don’t provide any counter-intuitive cues. Even though they might not be able to understand the message, users will notice these contradictions.

“Buy from Us”

A commerce website’s primary goal is to sell something. To make the message “buy from us”, more powerful, stronger and more appealing to users, commerce sites employ powerful tools and techniques, including reviews, advertising, merchandising and advertising.

“Trust Us”

The basic message of any commerce website is “buy from our site”, but the meta message is “trust us”. If a site doesn’t trust them, users are less likely to buy from it. Similar to the user’s perception of “buy from us”, but with more complex cues, trust can be harder to sell.

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