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Celebrity Makeup for Special Occasions and Your Own Self Esteem
In my role as a makeup artist and coach I am able to connect with clients on a personal level through hairstyling, body grooming, and vocal and wardrobe coaching. But I have often noticed that low self-esteem in women and girls has been misappropriated for the marketing and sales techniques of the fashion and cosmetics industries. The sexual objectification and exploitation of women has been rampant in the media. In my role as an ethical artist I teach clients how to improve their appearance and “glam up” and, equally important, when and where to do so. It is not true that lipsticks or other products will give a woman the confidence she requires. A well-designed make-up and “the right” lipstick, however, can positively impact a woman’s presentation and psyche. Retail therapy is a trend that has been gaining popularity. It’s based on an addiction-based mindset. If a woman buys a lipstick, dress, or accessory to feel better, rather than because it is appropriate, she supports her addiction. She also feeds wrong notions about the body of women and their value.

Scenario: A woman who is feeling down buys a lip gloss, thinking that it will lift her spirits. A counterperson is often instructed to say “how fantastic it looks” even when the product doesn’t. Many affordable wedding makeup artist are not real. She buys the product and is “high” from the drug. She is then subliminally convinced by scandalous advertising that the results may not be as she expected. Needs escalate, and self-esteem is destroyed if they are not addressed.

The majority of people who are looking for an “image-makeover” work in something other than the “showbiz”. Many TV shows, mass media, and advertisements do women of every age a great disservice when they recommend “show” or celebrity makeup for social occasions such as bridal parties, reunions and presentations, and business events. The “entertainment industry”, Halloween, theatricals, and other similar events should reserve “celebrity hair” and makeup.

It is important to design “special occasion”, “enhancement”, or “enhancement” makeup in such a way as to highlight your best features. If we focus on a person’s makeup rather than personality, then the balance is off.

If you want to make a good impression, impress the boss of your spouse or husband, present a topic with authority, get the job, and have others listen to what you are saying, a more serious approach is necessary. The cosmetics industry and makeup artists often mislead us about the right product or technique.

The majority prefers natural enhancements. If you want to make your evening more dramatic, or if there is a distance between yourself and the audience, then simply increase everything.

Tip: Even skin tones communicate health. Well-shaped lips and brows are architectural foundations of the face. Enhancing eye shape and facial balance communicates harmony. Defined lashes open the way to your eyes. The result is a healthy and vibrant look.

Tip: Many magazine articles and artists recommend black eyeliner for people with light skin, even blondes. The audience sees their makeup, not the person. For Caucasians, dark brown looks more natural. The true colour of the eye can also be brought out in a fresh and natural way.

Tip: The brighter the color of the lipstick is, the greater the emphasis on the lips rather than your eyes. Balance is the key.

Tip: Well-designed makeup that is applied correctly only takes a few minutes to apply and can last up to 12 hours.

It is frustrating to see so many companies and artists contradicting themselves. Look for an artist that you can trust. View their portfolio or work. Find out how they deal with their clients. Also, find out what their views are on age-appropriate makeup and events. Cosmetics should not dictate what makeup you wear, but rather the opposite. Everyone wins!


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