Twitter for Business: How to Use it Naturally


Twitter can be used for business to get more traffic and hits on your blog and business opportunities than Facebook. I’ve had similar experiences lately. I don’t consider myself a Twitter expert, but I have noticed that you get more Twitter fans by simply being yourself and engaging with other members.

Here are some tips to help you get the most from your social media marketing.

#1. Attraction marketing!

Make sure that your twitter trending worldwide profile is appealing and tells something about you. Use a picture of you, not a company logo or “avatar”. Branding is important on this site as it is anywhere else. If you use the same picture across all your profiles, then people will start to get to know who you are. A follower tweeted to me: “You’re everywhere!” It’s all about the point!

#2. Tweet eye-catching images!

Twitter also allows you to upload photos in status updates (tweets), so it is a good idea, when possible, to include a relevant photo with every tweet.

#3. Do not include a hyperlink with every update.

#quote has become a popular hashtag. Use an interesting quote, but do not link to another site.

#4. Mix up the links!

Use different landing pages or business opportunities. Use a link to a blog post relevant, a YouTube video you like or a new one. Also use different landing pages and business opportunities.

Variety is a Twitter favorite!

#5. Add something personal and simple to every tweet.

Here’s an illustration – “Had dinner with my husband! It was great to enjoy an evening off from work. You can tweet about anything, without including a link. For example, you could talk about what your cat did just now, the amount of snow in your area, or where you went on your last vacation. Personal tweets will help you to get more followers by letting your followers know more about you.

#6.Search for trending topics

Search for trending topics in the sidebar. Use the hashtag to tweet about something you find interesting.

#7. Marketing your business: Ideas to help you succeed

Don’t forget that not every post must have a hyperlink! Marketing is key on this site as well as any other social network. When you let people get to know you, like you and trust you, you will gain more followers, signups, or sales. You can effectively promote your business using Twitter by following these tips:

  • Share a little about the new tool or app you are using
  • Start a discussion by sharing a post on Facebook
  • Mention an upcoming event in your community, such as a tradeshow.
  • Create coupons to offer discounts on your products or services

#8. Interact with your fans

Retweet or reply to those who mention you on Twitter. Thank you for the mention or for the RT.

#9. Avoid auto-following and automatic direct messages!

It is not necessary to follow every person who follows you. You should check in on your followers at least twice a week, and if you wish to follow them back. If I follow some members “related to adult content”, I do not follow them back because I don’t want to be exposed graphic images that are adult-rated. If they unfollow you later because you didn’t follow them, it’s okay. These tips should help you gain more Twitter followers, and make the most of your marketing efforts on this social networking site!

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