How to Access Contacts Online with T-Mobile?


T-Mobile is one of the largest mobile service carriers in the United States which provides the services almost in the entire nation. It provides various deals and offers on different mobile brands including Samsung, iPhone, and other brands. T-Mobile mobile offers allow customers to choose various deals that enable them to obtain desired phone along with the T-Mobile’s fast and reliable services.


Moreover, when you buy a phone, it also works as a phone directory as you can save contacts and retrieve them whenever you want. Similarly, your T-Mobile allows you save lots of contacts on the phone that you can access anytime, and you can access them online. This is great when you can’t access the contacts on your phone.

Everyone fears of losing accidentally their phone address book as no one can remember all the contacts saved on phone or many don’t have this information saved anywhere else. However, like other mobile service carriers, T-Mobile also offers its customers a method that allow them to upload the address book on their phone to an online database. And because of this, the customers can easily get back any contacts that have been accidentally deleted from the phone. In addition, customers can also transfer such contacts to a new handset. This service is known as Mobile Backup and it is available only on select T-Mobile phones.

Step 1:

First of all, you have to check whether your mobile phone supports the T-Mobile’s Mobile Backup system. For this go to T-Mobile’s website and check if your phone it compatible with this feature.

Step 2:

If your phone is compatible, then visit T-Mobile USA website from your PC and then login to My T-Mobile site. After this click on the “Contacts” option that you can locate under the heading labeled “Connect with Mobile Life,” you can find it at the right side of My T-Mobile homepage.

Step 3:

Now, you have to go to the address book management feature. And click on the “Synchronize Now” option/button. Check the contents of your mobile address book and online Mobile Backup account to make sure they both have the same contacts.

With the above steps, you can easily access your phone contacts online on T-Mobile’s site, however, if you encounter any issues regarding the contacts or other technical problems, then dial up 1-800 T-Mobile customer service number and immediacy connect with certified tech professionals to get instant help and assistance for resolving your issues. You can get rid of all types of T-Mobile issues in no time with the help our talented tech professionals who are available from day to night. Just contact them and get help to fix your problems. We provide complete assistance for various technical problems. With our 24/7 T-Mobile customer service, you can find solutions to all your issues in no time.

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