Amazon Kindle App Gets New Upgrades Including Split View on iPhone and More


World’s largest e-commerce company, Amazon has added a handful of new features in its Kindle app for iOS. Although Amazon’s e-book app gets new updates regularly to fix many bugs and bring new features and functionalities to the app, recently, the company has added many new updates in its eBook app for iOS devices, including the split view feature on iPad.

Amazon Kindle

The updated version 6.5 of the Kindle app not only comes with support for the iOS 10 split view functionality on iPad but also offer infinite scrolling and many more. Because of the split view, users could be able to browse the Internet or able to respond to iMessage while reading an eBook on the iPad. Apart from the convenience of the split view feature, the new update also adds infinite scrolling to the app, which will allow users to read books as if reading blogs or books in the Safari web browser. And, this new feature will enhance the web experience for the users.

Apart from this, there are a few smaller upgrades too, such as a pull to refresh feature that lets you update the list of books along with support for Arabic dictionaries and so on. Amazon Kindle is free and can be downloaded from Play Store.

Highlights of the new features included in the Amazon Kindle app:

  • Split view on iPad: This feature will allow iPad users to use multiple tasks while reading eBooks.

  • Infinite scrolling through books as if scrolling a page on the web: Users will be able to enable this feature from the Settings and turn it ‘off’ anytime when they don’t need it. This will allow users to scroll through a whole book.

  • Quick refresh feature by pulling down in the library: This feature will let users refresh their list of books simply by pulling down.

  • Support for Arabic dictionaries.

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