An Easy Guide To Troubleshoot And Fix U-verse TV Issues


Of the numerous ways to troubleshoot and resolve basic U-verse TV issues, some of the most practiced are:

  1. Reset your receiver

Before anything else, reset your receiver first. Hold the POWER button of your TV receiver for about 10 seconds to reset.

  1. HELP MENU on your TV

On your remote, press the MENU button. Select Help > Troubleshoot and Resolve. Check your problem and do follow all the instructions to resolve your issue.

  1. Watch tutorials on your U-verse TV

Press the MENU button on your TV remote and select Help > U-verse Help Center. Select the topic close to your problem and get started.

  1. View the unread messages on your TV

Sometimes the service provider sends you a message related to your service. You can check them by following these steps:

  • Press the MENU button on your U-verse TV remote
  • Select HELP > Message Center
  • Press OK to preview and read the recent messages.

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