Are Spectrum TV Customers Going To Lose 23 Channels?


Did you see any warning related to the dropping of channels on your Spectrum TV in the past few days? This news has been the talk of the town as millions of people are discussing this on different social media platforms.

The warning advertisement says that Spectrum is planning to pull plugs on 23 channels over a stalemate with Viacom. A lot of users asked us whether the news is true and if they are really going to lose these 23 channels. If any issues in spectrum tv service call on this phone number 1-866-404-5844

On dialing the number given on the said ad, we received a recorded message from Viacom which said:

“Spectrum is going to drop 23 Viacom channels. Viacom is not asking for more money from Spectrum. In fact, Viacom is giving Spectrum an opportunity to lower your cable bill and keep these channels on the air. Rather than work on their customer’s behalf, Spectrum is choosing to drop these channels.”

Soon after, they connected us to Spectrum where we received this message:

 “We are aware that some customers have received messaging about Viacom Networks on their TV. Viacom is threatening to remove their channels unless Spectrum agrees to significantly overpay for them. We are negotiating with them in good faith and are optimistic that a fair deal can be reached.”

These 23 channels include Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, and Comedy Central. The celebrities from these channels including Queen Latifah, LL Cool J, and several others posted videos on their social media asking the viewers to call Spectrum and request them to make a deal.

We also get in touch with a Spectrum representative who said that he is unable to comment on negotiations. Meanwhile, some reports say that both the side, Spectrum, and Viacom have reached a temporary agreement.

On checking the channels on the Spectrum TV, we found that they are still running. So, we can conclude that the users aren’t losing the channels as of now. However, you might lose them if the two sides don’t get into a settlement!

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