Is AT&T Scaling down AT&T Uverse Service?


Millions of customers are using AT&T Uverse service, however, with the increase of Live TV, people not only consuming television set but smartphones, tablets, and laptops as well. Accordingly, other TV providers have made necessary adjustments.

DirecTv Now which is a live streaming platform is designed particularly for the multi-platform ecosystem. Also, the subscribers of U-verse cable and DirecTV satellite can access to contents through Internet browsers and mobile applications.

However, according to a notice published at, this functionality will change after October. The customers of U-verse service will not get on-demand programs or able to stream live on their Internet browsers.


In addition, it is suggested to the AT&T U-verse customers to take advantage of other streaming apps which are available on Android and iOS platforms.

Last year, AT&T loses around 1.4 million AT&T U-verse connections and 428,000 connections during first three months of 2017. Though several U-Verse subscribers are still using AT&T DirecTV Now or DirecTV service, AT&T has lost 25.2 million U-verse TV subscribers in all.

A year ago, AT&T made an announcement that ‘U-verse’ would not be applied to its phone services and broadband and thus, rename them to “AT&T phone” and “AT&T Internet” respectively.

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