AT&T to Setup 5G Network in Minneapolis by the End of 2017: Stadiums to be upgraded before the city hosts Super Bowl


By the end of the year 2017, AT&T is going to launch its 5G Evolution network over the Minneapolis city, which involves an upgrade of the network in some areas of the city and the DAS (Distributed Antenna System) upgrade in city’s stadium before the arrival of Super Bowl to the city in 2018.

4G LTE-Advanced features such as 3x carrier aggregation, 256 Quadrature Amplitude Moderation (256 QAM), and 4×4 Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (4×4 MIMO) are added to the city as a part of the upgrade.

During the 2014-16, AT&T stated that it invested nearly an amount of $350 million in its Minnesota wired and wireless networks. The company upgraded the network of 272 communities around the city with 1,271 wireless networks.

AT&T to Setup 5G Network in Minneapolis by the End of 2017: Stad

AT&T is also installing small cells around the Minneapolis city and has plans to continue the installation for the next few months.

AT&T said, “We’ve been working closely with the city of Minneapolis to ensure its network is ready to support the technology of the future. The investments we’re making prepare us for the future of 5G and innovations like smarter cities and immersive entertainment experiences like augmented and virtual reality.”

“Besides upgrading the network in and around downtown Minneapolis … we’ve overloaded the stadium with wireless capacity and boosted LTE capacity by more than 150 percent compared to last year. With more than 800 antennas, the network inside the stadium alone could provide coverage to the entire city of Minneapolis,” they added to their statement.

AT&T stated that their 5G Evolution network will be compatible with the Moto Z2 Force Edition, LG V30, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, and other Samsung Galaxy S8 Active handsets, and many more handsets will be added to the compatibility lists in future.

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