AT&T Text Issues: Unable To Review Received Or Sent Texts


There comes a time when you want to see a particular text message which you might have sent or received from someone but if you are a AT&T user, you might find it difficult to review that text. Although AT&T lets you view a lot of information in the online bill, it does not show the actual message content which you sent or receive.

Unable To See Text Messages

You can easily view you account summary when you review your bills. AT&T provide bills directly on its website which you can access after log-in and review your past activity. You can see a brief summary of your calls and text messages but it will not reveal what your messages contain. They might have opted this service to keep a user’s private details secret.

What You Can Access

Every information other than a text contain is available for a user’s review. Users can review the number of  sent and received messages during a billing cycle. Additionally, users can also see the phone number on which the message had been sent or received. However, the bill available on the website will show the last billing cycle information only.

Best Alternative Available

In spite of the fact that AT&T does not let you watch a message content in your bill review, it more than compensates in other forms. Here are 2 best possible alternative an AT&T subscriber can shift to:

AT&T Messages Backup And Sync: A New Way Of Texting

AT&T allows its users to receive text messages online if you have a AT&T Message app. Any AT&T subscriber can receive or send text messages with the help of several online platforms like Google Voice. The prime benefit of using AT&T message app is that it contain a backup of your messages for 90 days. In case you want to retrieve a message, you can easily do that without breaking a sweat. Click here to download the app.

AT&T NumberSync

This is the best option for tech savvy people who loves to try creative things. You can connect your phone, tablet or even smartwatch from your number and make calls and texts without carrying your number all the time. It provide complete freedom to a user to make call or text from any synced device.  It keeps on working even if your phone is switched off. Learn more here.


If your are a AT&T user, it is advisable that you store your messages in your phone as AT&T does not allow to review it your bill. If you want your text messages later, save them in your phone or in a cloud storage. If you are facing any problem with AT&T services, call 1-833-201-7904 or contact AT&T support who are available 24/7.

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