AT&T wireless Home Internet Service is stretching out in 18 states with 160 GB cap


AT&T is recently expanded its operations in nine more US states with its wireless home Internet service. This probably comes as a faster replacement of old DSL lines for customers in underserved and rural areas.

This fixed wireless Internet Service offers a downloading speed of 10 Mbps and uploading speed of around 1 Mbps. It can be regarded as an AT&T’s attempt to deliver high-quality and high-speed Internet service to the customers in rural areas.


At present, the service has recently been made available in several regions of California, Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Kansas, Texas, Ohio, and Wisconsin. However, the service was initially introduced to nine states, including Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and North and South Carolina in the beginning of 2017.

Installation fees for both outdoor antenna and indoor gateway is up to 99 USD. In case the service is acquired with DirecTV, there would be no need to pay any extra installation charge. The monthly data cap for home Internet service is 160 GB and for each additional 50 GB, customers would have to pay an overage fee of 10 USD.


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