Tech Guide: Find Best CenturyLink Service Fixes At One Place 1-866-404-5844

CenturyLink provides a wide range of services mainly in internet, wireless and phone communication. With a good grasp in local areas, CenturyLink makes sure that its customer gets quick customer service whenever they face a service issue.

However, there are some issues which a user needs to resolve at the earliest and for that you can take help from CenturyLink troubleshooting phone number 1-866-404-5844 or you can follow the below-mentioned CenturyLink troubleshoot process.

CenturyLink Internet Issues and Troubleshoot Guide

  • Getting no internet light on CenturyLink modem
  • CenturyLink slow internet
  • CenturyLink internet not activating
  • CenturyLink internet connected but no internet
  • CenturyLink internet not working
  • CenturyLink Wi-Fi internet dropping continuously
  • CenturyLink internet not working on android
  • CenturyLink internet not working on iPhone
  • Unstable CenturyLink Wi-Fi connection
  • CenturyLink modem not updating
  • CenturyLink modem red light issue
  • CenturyLink modem DSL light not working
  • CenturyLink modem not connecting with internet
  • CenturyLink internet not working after outage

Resolve CenturyLink Internet Issues

You can troubleshoot away your CenturyLink internet issues by following these points:

  • First of all, check with CenturyLink support and make sure there is no service outage in your area. Register yourself with CenturyLink so that you can be informed about any outages or maintenance work in advance.
  • Check the wires you are using for inter device connections and make sure they are in prime condition. Sometimes an old wire slows transmitting data in comparison with a newer one.
  • Check your modem device and make sure there is no physical damage on the device. If yes, contact CenturyLink for a replacement.
  • You internet service may go down during the harsh weather condition so do not panic in such situation as your service will resume shortly after the weather clears.
  • Make sure your modem is connected in a power outlet and the plug in turned on.
  • Perform a soft reset on your CenturyLink modem by disconnecting it with power. Unplug it from all the devices for a few minute and connect them again. Check if the internet is active now.
  • You can confirm that the internet is active by verifying that the modem lights are as follows –
    • Power light – Green (Solid)
    • DSL light – Green (Solid)
    • Internet (INT) light – Green (Blinking)
    • Wireless light – Green (Blinking)
    • Ethernet light – Green(Blinking)
  • If you are still unable to use your CenturyLink internet, you can dial the CenturyLink phone number customer support to get advance help.

Troubleshooting CenturyLink WiFi Issues

  • If you are having issues with your CenturyLink Wi-Fi, make sure you are in close range of the router. Most of the routers do not provide the actual distance promised.
  • Check your router and make sure that there are no physical barriers surrounding your device. They can create obstacles in the network resulting in slow speed internet.
  • Don’t set your router in close proximity with other electronic devices which shoot short distance beams. These mainly are TV and oven.
  • Always opt for a router which is compatible to work with your internet speed. Some older routers could not perform as well as the new one.
  • If you simply can’t use the internet, make sure you haven’t reached the data cap.
  • Never use a filter on your router as it can reduce down the original CenturyLink wireless speed.
  • If you require a personalized assistance, get in touch with CenturyLink customer support and resolve all your Wi-Fi fixes.

CenturyLink Prism TV Issue And Troubleshoot Guide

  • CenturyLink Prism no picture issue
  • Getting no signal message in Prism TV
  • CenturyLink Prism frozen picture issue
  • CenturyLink Prism no channel issue
  • Getting disoriented picture screen on Prism TV
  • CenturyLink Prism remote not working
  • CenturyLink Prism DVR not working
  • Issues in setting Parental Control in CenturyLink Prism TV

Troubleshooting CenturyLink Prism Issues

  • Check your Prism TV and make sure it is properly connected with power outlet.
  • If you are having issues with your CenturyLink Prism TV DVR, make sure that the device is connected properly.
  • Your Prism TV may go blank during a stormy weather. There is no need to worry in this situation as your service will resume shortly when the weather is open.
  • If you can’t access a DVR content, verify that you haven’t deleted the content.
  • Check the wires of your equipment and make sure they are not damaged. Ethernet cables work best with electric equipment.
  • If you are having screen freeze or blank screen issue in your CenturyLink Prism TV, you can try the soft reset on your TV. Simply press the power key for 5 seconds. The TV will restart afresh.
  • Check your modem or router device and make sure internet is working on other devices.
  • If your issue is not yet resolved, contact with CenturyLink Prism chat support for further assistance.

CenturyLink Phone Issues and Troubleshoot Guide

  • CenturyLink phone responding slowly
  • No dial tone in CenturyLink phone
  • CenturyLink phone network issue
  • CenturyLink phone device heating
  • CenturyLink phone not working
  • CenturyLink Phone not working after service outage
  • CenturyLink phone incoming outgoing calls issues
  • Hearing static noise on call in CenturyLink phone
  • CenturyLink phone network dropping continuously
  • Unable to reach 911 with CenturyLink phone

Troubleshooting CenturyLink Phone issues

  • Check your phone service and make sure you have not opted for a Call-Forwarding service.
  • If you are not getting signals in your CenturyLink phone, make sure there are no physical obstacles around the device. It is always better that you set your phone at an open space.
  • Check that your phone is set up accurately on the phone’s hooks.
  • View your previous bill and make sure you paid the full amount. Also check that there are no outstanding dues against your CenturyLink account.
  • Check the cable connecting with your phone and make sure there is no wear and tear on the wire.
  • Make sure that there are no damaged jacks and ports in which phone wires are connected.
  • Low battery level also causes network problem so make sure your device have enough batteries.
  • Make sure your phone is not located near TV, oven or a radio which transmits signals. Setting your phone near these devices can interfere in the phone network.
  • If you have a bundle package try using your other CenturyLink services and make sure you only have issue in your phone.
  • If you are not hearing any dial tone, perform a soft reset on your CenturyLink phone. Unplug the device from all the wires and power and wait for 2 minutes. Connect the wires and check the phone service.
  • If you still cannot use the phone, you can register for a Repair ticket or contact the CenturyLink customer support. CenturyLink repair ticket is a free service by CenturyLink which mend to its customers need.

CenturyLink Email Issues and Troubleshoot Guide

  • CenturyLink email not working
  • Attachment not downloading from CenturyLink mail
  • CenturyLink email not working on android
  • net email not working
  • CenturyLink email not working on iPhone
  • CenturyLink email not working on windows

Troubleshooting CenturyLink Email Issues

  • If you are unable to send or receive a mail from your CenturyLink account, check your internet connection and make sure it is active.
  • Make sure your account has not been deactivated by CenturyLink. Make sure you have paid your bills on time.
  • Make sure your account has been set up properly in your device with accurate POP and IMAP settings.
  • Make sure there is no security conflict between your CenturyLink email and your installed firewall software. Try to use the CenturyLink email by disabling the firewall software. If it works, make an exception in firewall to let CenturyLink email bypass.
  • There is a size limit on your CenturyLink email which you should be aware of. This limit is –
    • Email Size – 20MB
    • Sent Email – 100
    • Webmail – 100 per hour
    • SMTP – 500 per hour
  • Make sure your email has not reached the maximum limit in any of the features.
  • If you are using your CenturyLink email account on phone, make sure you have allowed the email to download files in your device.
  • If you are having trouble remembering the password, you can take help from the Forget Password feature.
  • If you need expert guidance to resolve your issue, you can get in touch with CenturyLink phone number customer service.