While using various services and products of Charter spectrum, you may encounter various general technical issues which are unpredictable. Fortunately, Customer Care officials are there to solve these technical issues.

Here we have provided a list of some common FAQs regarding various common issues:

How to start with a new TV for watching desired shows?

When you start your TV,  a welcome screen appears, later on a new Spectrum Guide update message pops up on the screen.

Now, open Guide update message. It will automatically guide you to initiate and complete the new guide setup.

After that, press OK/Select by using your remote to initiate its functioning, and follow up upcoming on-screen prompts and watch the Get to Know Spectrum video for getting a full introduction. After \the video ends, press OK/Select watch your desired TV channel.

How to use a user guide?

The latest and updated Spectrum Guide facilitates the user to get the complete wish list of specific interest in a more easier, interesting and convenient way.

To accomplish this , press the Menu icon by using your remote, to get the following options:

  • Search: You can easily search for a specific program, just by entering the first few letters of the network, keyword, title, or actor’s name.
  • Guide: Through this guide you can easily access specified program listings, you can get program descriptions and much more!
  • My Library: See a detailed list of your recently viewed programs, favorite channels, your channel Watching list etc.
  • TV Shows: In this category, On Demand content is divided into specific categories:
  1. TV Shows
  2. Movies
  3. Video Store.
  • Movies: On Demand content is differentiated in the form of various categories: Movies, TV Shows, and Video Store.
  • Video Store: In the video store, specified On Demand content is distribute into various categories: Latest Movies, TV Shows, and unlimited Video Store.
  • Settings and Support: Through this you can easily manage closed captioning, audio/ video settings, parental controls, and much more.

How to get rid of a Gray Screen with a spinning wheel if I do not have any Program Guide?

Issue: Gray screen showing a spinning wheel, No access to Program Guide

Recommended steps:

  • Get a program guide and then open it.
  • Wait for sometime and allow the program Guide to process all of your entered request.
  • Send the request again.
  • Now, open Mini Guide and press OK or Select button two times with the help of your TV’s remote while watching programming so as to bring the useful Mini Guide.
  • RESET THE DATA contained in the Spectrum’s receiver after pressing the Menu icon through your remote.

Then, select Account Overview and choose Equipment continuing with Reset Data. After system reset, send a new request.

  • In case, the problem still persists, reset the power cycle of the Spectrum’s Receiver by removing the given power cord.
  • After that, wait for 15 seconds, after that subsequently plug back your power cord inserting it again into specified outlet.
  • Then, wait for 20 minutes so that the receiver can completely recover before you turn it on.