Charter Spectrum May Launch Its Reasonably Priced Wireless Service Next Month


It’s known for a while that Charter is planning on rolling out a new wireless service that will be a combination of Verizon’s Network and Wi-Fi hotspots. But now, according to DSL Reports, which is a market tracker, the new wireless service from Charter Spectrum will be launched on June 30th and this is the current plan of the company as per the report.

Charter Spectrum

Pricing for the new wireless service will be similar to what Comcast is already charging for its MVNO, Xfinity Wireless. And, it shouldn’t be surprising as the two companies are enforced to cooperate on some areas of wireless by a mutual agreement. Nevertheless, it’s a good news for customers.

Xfinity Mobile provides a combination of cheap pay-as-you-go and unlimited plans that allow better savings than Verizon’s very own plans. It provides a good deal, where you have to pay 45 USD per month to avail unlimited data, including unlimited talk, text, and a soft data cap of 20 GB. This offer is more impressive than Verizon’s plans for unlimited data that costs from 75 USD to 85 USD for a single line, and it depends on what features you want. Additionally, customers also get a pay-what-you-want option that provides 12 USD per GB choice. And, Spectrum Wireless’s pricing will include these plans.

As per FCC filing indication, Charter may aspire more than just MVNO operations. Also, Charter said in the filing, “Charter’s wireless component is transforming from a nomadic WiFi network to one which has full mobility support by integrating WiFi with multiple 5G and 4G access technologies in order to provide uninterrupted connectivity experience.” The company further added, “To navigate this transition, Charter is stressing an ‘inside-out’ strategy, that implies concentrating first on wireless solutions inside the office and home, then finally expanding outdoors.”

A piece of bad news here is that T-Mobile may utilize the launch of a new wireless network from Charter to emphasize that there is a lot of competition in the cellular industry and that there will be no harm to the competition from T-Mobile’s proposed merger with Sprint. Though Charter and Xfinity Mobile services may be available under different names, they are not at all a threat.

In fact, at the time of its recent earnings announcement that was made a few months ago, John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, lambasted some of his so-called competitors by saying, “[Xfinity Mobile] is very insignificant, and I would assume Charter will be irrelevant squared.”

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