Comcast Boosts Up Xfinity Internet Speed Across the Northeast


Comcast is planning to increase Internet bandwidth in the 14 U.S. states over the next month. So, if you are using Xfinity Internet and living in the Northeast, then it may be worth to run an Internet speed test. This is because, Comcast has just declared that it is going to increase the download speeds for Internet users in 14 Northeast States; from Maine Down to Virginia.


The increase in the speeds will take place into all the four Internet tiers offered by Xfinity, although, how much will it increase in each of the tiers may vary. While two higher-speed options – “Performance Pro” and “Blast” will be boosted up from 150 and 200 Mbps to 150 and 250 Mbps, respectively; the modest “Starter” tier will be increased from 10 Mbps to 15 Mbps. Meanwhile, the basic “Performance” tier would move from 25 Mbps to 60 Mbps.

Apart from this, Comcast has also claimed that there will be no changes in customers’ bills after the increase once these changes would be effective, and said that almost 80% of the Xfinity Internet users will avail an Internet speed of 150 Mbps or higher. Although customers may not obtain affordable gigabyte speed Internet in the US, but this offer isn’t bad as no one would like to complain about getting more download bandwidth without being additionally charged. However, it’s surprising that Comcast didn’t mention anything about the changes in the upload speeds that remain a fraction of what the users would obtain for downloads.

According to Comcast, the new higher speed will be available over the next month and to avail the same, the customers would only be required to reboot their modems. Explaining why the company is only upgrading the Internet speeds in the northeast part of the country, a spokesperson from Comcast made clear that for the company, it’s typical to upgrade speeds in particular areas instead of providing it nationwide in one ego. But, the company did not give any clue about when will the other parts of the nation will get the upgraded speeds.

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