Comcast Business Adds Award-wining “One Click” Audio Conferencing App to VoiceEdge


Comcast Business rolled out VoiceEdge conferencing, which is an award-wining upgrade to VoiceEdge, a cloud-based phone service by Comcast. This cloud-based phone service is accessible on mobile devices, desk phones as well as other phones. The introduction of this upgrade will take the one-click audio conferencing app to the next level while simplifying how conference calls are initiated, managed and joined.


This new Audio conferencing app allows users to start an audio conference with just a click while keeping common conferencing hassles at bay. This enhancement of Comcast Business VoiceEdge can be accessed by all of its customers.

Furthermore, Comcast Business VoiceEdge conferencing allows employees to immediately start a call with a maximum of 50 participants through an easy “click to initiate conference” command. And by clicking a “join conference” option, users can join the call. Also, because of the advanced call management controls, it’s possible for the conference hosts to view and recognize individual participants; thereby removing the need for each user to recognize themselves.

VoiceEdge audio conferencing is the latest upgrade to Comcast’s Business VoiceEdge mobile and its companion desktop applications. Apart from this, the app also offers on-click dial facility for many popular business productivity tools, such as Skype for business, Google Chrome and Microsoft OWA.

VoiceEdge conferencing provides a simple and integrated interface to the call moderator. The most-appealing features of this app are as follows:

  • Up to 50 participants can join, including a moderator.

  • It offers one-click access; you just need to click “start conferencing” from the app to automatically open the connection from your mobile device, desk phone or any other phone.

  • It provides notifications about users joining or leaving the call.

  • It offers a moderator dashboard, which allows the host to view who is on the bridge, once they join.

  • It’s secured as it offers PIN protected conferencing.

  • Easily works with multiple platforms – PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

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