Comcast, Charter and Cox Come Together for a New Ad Group


Comcast, Cox and Charter Communication together with the advertising sales firm NCC Media are going to introduce a new group in NCC to deploy, design, and sell advertising solutions in the U.S. to the partners of NCC.


The new group so formed will utilize the targeting capabilities and non-personally identifiable information to create innovative advertising solutions and probably it will be launched in this year. NCC is co-owned by Charter, Cox and Comcast. This ad company provides the local, regional and national level marketers with the best advertising solutions. It allows the marketers to reach consumers through various mediums like TV and through online content.

Comcast cable CEO David Watson said that the plan is the outcome of the good work Comcast is doing with Cox, Charter, and NCC Media in the field of cable advertising. He further added that together with its co-partners, the company have various opportunities to set up advanced advertising products that can deliver reliability and consistency.

Tom Rutledge, CEO and Chairman of Charter, said that the new group within NCC Media has got the innumerable capabilities to make a huge impact for big players who are in the field of advertising.” He further said that the new group has the power to change the effectiveness of advertising across video on demand (VOD) and linear with the help of improved data and advanced technology.

Comcast Media 360, which was a former advertising sales team of Comcast Spotlight, will now work with the team of Charter, NCC Media and Cox. The new group so formed will make products which will aim for the customers through various platforms like linear and VOD. It will boost analytic, research, data capabilities to enhance consistency in the way the advertising industry measures effectiveness of advertisement and will simplify ways of managing campaigns by ad agencies.

Andrew Ward, VP of CM360, will now serve as new group’s general manager. Ward has 15 years of experience working at NCC Media and 30 years of working experience in the advertising sector. At Comcast Spotlight, he also launched the firm’s advertising platform.

Ward says that in this rapidly changing world and the media marketplace, advertisers are looking forward for reliability and want to reach customers through various devices. He further says that Charter, NCC Media, Cox and Comcast are in the best position in the advertising industry to serve their audience precisely with advertising solutions and enhanced performance.

NCC Media board will have David Kline, executive VP and President at Charter Communications, Marcien Jenckes, President at Comcast Cable, and Billy Farina, senior VP at Cox Media.

Pat Esser, Cox President, said that jointly with NCC Media, Comcast and Charter, the company has the capability to serve in a better way, deliver best products to the customers. He further says that they are fully dedicated to set some standards which will help the marketers to plan and execute their campaigns in a better way.

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