Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile Consumer Base Is Expected to Go Higher This Year


It has been almost one year when Comcast formally launched Xfinity Mobile, its wireless phone service in May last year. And after the launch of the service within its first five months, the company has gained hundreds and thousands of phone subscribers. Many analysts now expect that the company is on the right track to soar even faster during this year and into the next year too.


As per a report from New Street Research, a New York-based research firm, reported by Fierce Wireless, Comcast Xfinity mobile users will double up in the fourth quarter of this year (2018), in comparison to the users in the fourth quarter last year (2017). Finally, the company may end up adding 2 million consumers each year.

Report’s author also mentioned that “We expect that the wireless net from Comcast remains slow in the first half of 2018, then it may gain speed-boost in the second half of the current year.”

According to the analysis of wireless market, cable companies like Charter and Comcast that are rolling out their own new wireless services, will start to poach the customers from conventional wireless carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T and capture their market share. Further, according to the discoveries of the report, it has been found that the cable companies will gain as much as 15 percent of all the postpaid users in their target market by 2020.

At the beginning of 2018, Comcast announced that they had started 380,000 customer lines until the end of year 2017. In the month of October, it was evaluated that the service had exceeded 250,000 subscribers.

Xfinity Mobile provides with an unlimited data usage offer for a merely $45 per month which is only available to those customers who subscribe its higher tier TV and Internet packages. But the rest of the subscribers who pay a low subscription can pay $65 a month to avail limitless data service. The data charges of Xfinity Mobile are $12 per GB. Customers can also make their payment by paying in installment.

At the beginning of this year, Comcast Cable CEO Dave Watson voiced gave his opinion “Xfinity Mobile is a business that can scale to new heights,” Fierce Wireless reported. “We’re observing that if we follow the gig-approach, it will be beneficial for us. It’s just in its initial stage, but we’re spreading distribution to our current retail locations. We’re in best position and going well with mobile service in the year 2018.”

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