Configure Your AT&T Router With This Simple Guide!


AT&T is the leading telecommunications company that offers Internet, TV and cell phone services across the U.S. With AT&T, you can upgrade the existing cable Internet service to a wireless one and use your computer anywhere in your home. A wireless Internet connection uses a router to connect the other devices. In order to use seamless Internet services, you must configure your AT&T router before using it.

To do this, follow the below steps:

  1. Plug the power adapter of your router into the electrical outlet. Now, use the Ethernet cable to connect your computer and the router. The Ethernet cable is like a telephone cable, but it is two times thicker than the telephone cable.
  1. Connect the WAN port on your router to the Ethernet port on the broadband modem. Check for the green lights on the router. The solid green lights indicate that devices are connected.
  1. Disable all the Internet security programs temporarily that are running on your computer as they might restrict you from accessing the configuration pages.
  1. Configure the browser Internet settings. Click at the ‘Start’ button on your computer. A menu will appear. Click at ‘Settings’ and then click ‘Control Panel’. After this, double-click at ‘Internet Options’. After that, the next thing to do is to restore the Internet settings to defaults. You can find this option under the tab ‘Security’.
  1. Click at ‘Connection’. Click at the dial-up option and choose ‘Never Dial a Connection.’ After that, click at the ‘LAN Settings’ tab to be sure if the settings are unchecked. Go to the option ‘Advanced’, select the option to restore the settings to defaults. After that, click ‘Ok’.
  1. Now, open the web browser and type http://ATT.Router or (you don’t need to use www here) in the address bar. A login page will appear for web management. To log in, enter ‘admin’ as the username and leave the password blank. After that, complete the process by following the router instructions. The prompts on your computer screen will help you finish the configuration.

Using the above guide, you can easily configure your AT&T wireless router and start enjoying awesome Internet speeds. In case, you still have a doubt or facing any issue while doing this, contact our support. You can call us @1-833-201-7904 and get instant help.

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