How to connect U-verse receiver to Television using a coaxial cable?


If you are looking for a way to connect the AT&T U-verse receiver to Television with the help of coaxial cable, you are at the right place.

how to connect U-verse receiver to Telecom using a coaxial cable

Find below step wise instructions to connect AT&T U-verse receiver:

  • At first, search for the ‘To TV’ connection at the back of your U-verse receiver. Take the coaxial cable and connect its one end to ‘To TV’ and another one to ‘Video In’ at the back of your TV.
  • Note: Do not disconnect any ‘To Wall’ or ‘Network’ cables.
  • Plug the U-verse receiver to the wall for giving it power.
  • Turn your television on.
  • Use your television remote control and change it to Ch.3.
  • Note: Make sure not to use AT&T U-verse remote control.
  • When your TV would display AT&T U-verse screen, select ‘OK’ to watch TV.
  • Now, make the use of AT&T U-verse remote control for selecting ‘AT&T’ option. At last, press ‘OK’.

If you are facing any difficulty while connecting the U-verse receiver to your television using coaxial cord, contact the technicians. Quickly, contact AT&T Tech Support for assistance.

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