How to Create a Spectrum Username


Every new member needs to have a Spectrum account or username in order to access the services. This account name allow you to sign in to the and use the whole range of service like paying bills, view details along with making certain changes to your service.

It is recommend to create a good and strong password for your account. To create a Spectrum Username, follow the procedure mentioned below:

  1. Click on the Menu option present on the top left corner of the web page and then select the option “create username
  2. Verify the information of your account.

a) Type the last name linked with your account.

b) Select the method of verification to verify your account

Account number:

It is located at the top of your Spectrum statement, it is a 16 digit number.

Mobile number linked to your account:

This is your primary mobile number linked to your account.

Mail address associated to your account:

This is your primary email linked to your account.

  1. After registering, you’ll be the Head of household having all the privileges of

Note: If you are verifying your account with your mobile number, you’ll be required to provide one of the followings for the extended security measures:

How to Create a Spectrum Username


It is last 4 digits of social security number along with your account number and last 4 letters of MAC address.

  1. Provide your Information:

Fill the fields username and password accept the policies and conditions and click on create username.

Click on Finish, after successfully completing the process.

Password /username guidelines

Every user must follow these instructions:

  • Username must contain at least six characters.
  • It is recommended to use the combination of letters, special characters and numbers.

Numbers (0 to 9)

Letters (Aa to Zz)

  • Special characters like underscore (_), dash (-) and dot (.) are allowed.
  • Username must not start or end with the symbols.
  • Username must not contain symbols consecutively.

Guidelines for the password

  • Password should be 8 to 20 characters long.
  • Password must contain one Lowercase, Uppercase and one number.
  • We recommend using a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Numbers: (0-9)
  • Letters: (Aa-Zz)
  • Special Characters: (~-=`{}[]:;”<>’./ (@#$%^&*()_+|)
  • Special characters like underscore (_), dash (-) and dot (.) are allowed.

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