Different Ways To Setup Your AT&T U-Verse TV Remote


AT&T’s U-verse service offers television programming, Internet and telephone services. Usually, at the time of purchase, you will be getting an already programmed remote by AT&T technicians. But in case you want to learn or program your new remote by yourself, this guide is for you. There are many ways to do AT&T remote set up. Read till the end to discover all the possible ways to setup your AT&T remote control.

Different Ways To Program A U-Verse Remote

Here, we have mentioned all the possible methods using which you can program your AT&T remote. Have a look:

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Using Auto Code Search

  1. Turn on your device that you wish to program: It can be your TV or DVD player or any other auxiliary device you want to program. Point the remote to that device.
  1. Press the Mode button and hold it and then press Enter: The Mode button is given at the top of your remote along with the other buttons. Hold the relevant Mode button according to the device you wish to program.
  • For example, if for a TV, you should press the TV button and hold it and then press Enter for a second, and then release.
  • In case you want to program a DVD player, you should press the DVD button and hold it and then press Enter for a second, and then release.
  • In case you want to program an auxiliary device, you should press the AUX button and hold it and then press Enter for a second, and then release.
  1. Make sure that the remote flashes: All these Mode buttons will flash twice once you release. It indicates it is in Programming Mode.
  1. Repeatedly press the SCAN\FF button: Pause for a moment every time you press the button. Repeatedly press until the device that is being programmed turns off. Now, turn the device on again by pressing the power button.
  1. Check all the functions: Once device turns on, you should check if all the functions such as Volume and Mute are working properly. If you find these buttons not working, keep pressing the SCAN\FF button till the time they start to function.
  1. Press Enter and save the programming: The Mode that is being programmed will show a long flash to indicate that the programming you did is saved.

Using The Remote Control Memory

  1. Turn the device on that is to be programmed: Turn it on and point the remote at your device. In case you cannot find a user manual, you should search the remote-control memory and look for the 4-digit device code. This method is also effective in case the device you wish to program isn’t listed there in the manual.
  1. Now, press the desired key (AUX, DVD, TV) and hold it: While pressing the key, you should also hold the OK button. All buttons should flash twice.
  1. After this, Enter ‘922’: When you press 922, the selected mode button will flash twice.
  1. Press the PLAY button and hold it: Press the Play key and wait until the device is turned off and then release it. You should use the REW button to look through every code backwards one by one, and the FF button to look through the codes’ forwards one by one. Or you can run an auto-search for the codes by pressing play.
  1. Press the ENTER button when you find the correct code: Once you find the correct code, press Enter. When you do this, the mode key should flash for three times.
  • In case you couldn’t get the desired code, you can press EXIT and return to normal.
  • Note that the Mode buttons will flash red and your remote will return to its normal function in case it is not able to find the valid code.
  1. Turn your device on and then try the remote: Turn your device on and check the remote. if it is not working, you should repeat the above steps and check again.

Using The TV Tool

  1. Power on the TV: The method uses the built-in program in the cable box, and you can easily set your remote with its help. Press the Menu key and select Help. After this, select the option ‘Remote Control Setup’ in the Help menu.
  1. Select your remote: There, you will be getting several options to scroll through. Go through them and find your remote. Your screen will display tips and pictures in order to help you be sure about the type of your remote.
  1. Click at Automatic Code Search: Doing this will show a list of all the compatible devices. Look for the device you wish to connect to and then follow the instructions being shown on screen. Instructions may vary from one device to another.

Programming Your Remote Manually

  1. Turn the device on that you wish to program: You should keep in mind that only certain devices work with the remote, so you should check in your user manual for once, just to be sure if your device is included there.
  1. Find the setup code for your device: There are 4-digit setup codes for all the supported devices. You can check for your device in the list here and find the setup code for your device.
  1. Press the appropriate mode button on the remote and hold it: It will be either TV, AUX or DVD. Then, hold the OK button simultaneously. Hold both the buttons for a second and then release. After this, the four Mode buttons will flash which indicates that you have stepped into the programming mode.
  1. Enter your 4-digit setup code (that you got in Step 2): If you entered the correct setup code, the Mode button will flash for once and if the wrong setup code has been entered by you, the Mode key will be flashing 8 times which indicates that you will have to follow the same process again starting from Step 1. If it happens, you can try entering the setup code again. You should always remember that you’ll need to repeat the same process again in case the device times out. Full user guide here to manage u-verse remote. you can also check at&t u-verse tv standard remote control user guide.

Note: Some manufacturers have more than one setup codes. In case you enter one setup code and it didn’t make your device work, you can try entering the other codes given for your device from the list.

  1. Point your remote at the device: Press the power button for once. The device will turn off. In case it does not, you have to repeat the entire process again from Step 1.

Hope this guide helps you do your remote-control setup without facing any problem. In case you want any further assistance regarding your AT&T remote programming, you can contact our specialist or call 1-833-201-7904.

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