Easiest Way To Drop Down Your U-Verse Service Without Hassle


AT&T does not allow its user to terminate their U-Verse services online. There is only one way you can follow and that is calling a AT&T representative or call directly 1-833-201-7904. These representative are trained to provide convenient support in case users try to cancel their services. However, they will shower you with customize offers which they made specially for you to make you a AT&T user. You can go ahead only by showing great resistance.

How To Terminate U-Verse Service

The very first step in canceling your U-Verse, you have to call on their cancellation line number at  800-288-2020. Keep some things ready when you call on that number such as your account ID number, your previous bill. The representative can ask your personal contact information to verify that it is the same person who is canceling the service. The whole process will not take more than 20 minutes.

The AT&T executive will provide all sorts of special offer to you to keep you as a U-Verse consumer. You will receive several discounts and promotional offers if you agree to stay on U-Verse. It is upon you if you really want to cancel, or you can enjoy any of the offer given to you.

How To Return U-Verse Equipment?

You will receive a letter verifying that your U-Verse service has been canceled so you have to return all their equipment. Normally these are the routers and DVRs. The letter will include complete Know-How on what devices you have to send and where to send them. Usually, there is a time limit in which you have to return all the devices failing which you can face a penalty.

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