How To Troubleshoot Epson Printer Tech Issues? 1-833-201-7904

Epson offers a complete range of printers in different varieties. There is a printer for everyone. You can get one for using at home or you can go for the ones designed to meet your office needs. Their EcoTank printers have been designed keeping the needs of people working at home. These printers come with low-cost ink bottles that can be easily refilled and ink doesn’t cost a bomb, making the printer ideal for daily home needs. Their business inkjet printers work at blazing fast speeds and their print quality is amazing. They are eco-friendly and their speed makes them quite reliable for office use.

However, sometimes the printers may not work the way you are expecting them to. Don’t worry, technical error is something that can’t be completely eliminated. It’s a part of the performance and it can occur anytime, anywhere. So, it’s better to make peace with the fact that you can’t control everything in life. Anything may happen any time and you will have no option rather than watching.  The best thing to do is to keep yourself prepared for any such situations, do your bit and keep going forward with a positive attitude. Here, we have mentioned the most common issues one may face with Epson printers along with few basic techniques to troubleshoot them. In case, you want to speak with an Epson tech support executive, you can dial 1-833-201-7904 and get instant help.

Common Epson Printer Errors With Their Resolution 

Here are few of the common issues that you may face with Epson printers. Take a look:

#Printer Unexpectedly Stops Printing

In case it happens, you should do the following:

a) Check If Ink Charging, Ink Drying Or Head Cleaning Is In Progress

You should check if the Pause light on printer is flashing. If it is, the process of head cleaning, ink drying, or ink charging is going on. During ink drying, ink charging, and head cleaning PLEASE WAIT shows on the LCD. You should wait until the printer again starts printing.

b) An Error Occurred

Several common printer issues can be identified easily by the error messages shown on the LCD. Below are few error messages, their meaning and resolution:

  1. UNABLE TO PRINT: The error may occur while trying to print patterns like head alignment or nozzle check.

What to do: First end the pop-up TEST PRINT MENU, and resolve the error being displayed on the LCD. Now, try printing the patterns again. 

  1. INK LOW: Ink cartridge is almost empty.

What to do: Replace the ink cartridge and try printing again. Although you can try printing by switching to INK LOW situation, you may have to compromise on the print quality of your job.

  1. REMOVE PAPER: Cleaning is not being executed because there may be a thick paper.

What to do: Just remove the thick paper, then move the paper lever carefully to the secured position.

  1. RELOAD PAPER: The printer is not detecting the cut sheet media that was loaded, as it may be wavy or curled.

What to do: Flatten the loaded cut sheet media.



(These messages will be alternately displayed on the LCD.)

The cartridge settings of the printer driver are not changed yet.

What to do: Stop printing, press the Pause button and hold it for 3 seconds. Finally, choose the correct ink cartridge from the printer driver as per the actual ink cartridge on the printer. Now, you can continue printing by pressing the Pause button.

  1. FEED SHEET PAPER: You need to manually load the cut sheet media.

What to do: Try loading the cut sheet media.

  1. FORBIDDEN MEDIA IN P. TRAY: Cut sheet media, that is supposed to get loaded from the rear or front feed slot, is instead leading from the paper tray.

What to do: Remove it from the paper tray and load it manually from the paper feed slot.

  1. TIMES REMAINING: The conversion cartridge is needed to be replaced. (The remaining times for the conversion cartridge shown on the LCD.)

What to do: Replace the conversion cartridge as it is actually required. Press the Pause button.

  1. REPLACE CNVRSION CRTG: It means that conversion cartridge is to be replaced.

What to do: You should replace the conversion cartridge or replace the K ink. To do so, press the Pause button.


  1. INVALID INK CRTG: It means, Ink cartridge having the incorrect product code has been installed.

What to do: You should remove the existing ink cartridge, and then install another ink cartridge having the right product code.

#The printer Isn’t Turning On Or Staying On

If the Pause light isn’t displaying and mechanism initialization isn’t starting even when you press the Power button, try the following:

  • Turn off your printer.
  • Check the power cords.
  • Also check with your power outlet.
  • Make sure that the voltage supplied to your printer matches with the rating voltage given on the printer. If it does not match, turn off the printer immediately and contact the dealer for further assistance.

In case, the error persists, you can contact an Epson Expert @1-833-201-7904 and get instant resolution.