I do not possess an HD set-top box, Can I use Auto HD ?

No, you cannot use Auto HD feature because it can be used only when a  customers possesses either HD-DVR Set-Top Box or HD .

I purchased a 3DTV few years ago, I don’t know whether it will work for latest 3D or not?

To check this, you just need to analyze whether your older 3D TV supports the latest and conventional 3D programming or not. In case, you are unable to obtain a proper conclusion in this regard, you can visit our official website to get some more ways and resolutions.

Does home theater equipment supports 3DTV?

This depends upon your device functionality and supportive features. In order to analyze this, firstly check whether your home theater works properly with 3DTV or not.

Can 3D shows be viewed by every user?

You must check this in the list of available 3D channels whether all TV channels are available in 3D or not. And whether all customers can view 3D content or not.

Do all customers subscribing to particular Phone service get a TV Caller ID or not ?

Contact customer care or search from yourself whether all Phone service customers get TV Caller ID or not.

Can I watch 2D movies and TV shows in 3D?

Yes, of course, but this feature is available only in few Tvs such as Sony,   Samsung, and Toshiba. Because these companies have recently revealed that 3D-ready HDTVs readily convert 2D to 3D.