Did users know that if someone in their neighborhood is stealing their cable and it can affect their cable service?

YES, users can easily know about that if their neighborhood is stealing their cable or not.

It can also affect the service of their cable.

  • It can reduce the quality of service of cable, you can also get frequent interruptions or disturbances in their service.
  • They can get higher service rate.

What is call Forwarding?

By using call forwarding you can forward all your calls to another phone number.

This feature is included in the price of your phone service.

What is Caller ID and how does it work?

If you are using Caller ID-enabled phone, Caller ID displays the information of caller on the screen. So, you are able to see who’s calling before you answer it.

You don’t have to pay extra for this feature as it is included in the price of your phone service.

Apart from all these, you can be able to see log all incoming calls as well as missed calls.

What is call waiting and how does it work?

By using this feature users can attend the second call without disconnecting the first one.

This feature is included in the price of user’s phone service.

To use this feature, press and release the receiver switch hook or tap your phone’s flash button when users hear the call waiting. By doing this, the user can be placed the first call on hold while answering the second one.

What is 3-Way calling and how does it work?

3-Way calling allows users to add a 3rd person to their phone conversation.

This feature is added to the price of phone service.

Put your first call on hold by tabbing the flash button or quick tab the switch hook on phone. After hearing a recall dial tone, dial the number of the second person. Tap the flash button again to connect the first one.

What are call blocker basic and call blocker plus and how do they work?

Call Blocker Basic allows the user to block calls from people who hide their identity. As many companies allow their users to hide their caller ID as a legitimate privacy protection tool. We allow our customers to block hidden caller ID call.

Call Blocked Plus allows the user to block calls from people who intentionally hide their information. We allow our users to block all the calls from those people who hide their caller ID by using this advanced feature.

Users can turn on only one feature or they can turn them both off.

Both features are included in user’s phone service, they don’t need to spend any extra cost for these features.

Where can I review my call History and call detail?

Users can review their Call history and call details from the My Account or by visiting the call overview page. Users can get up to 3months of calling history. the user can also receive a copy of their call details, they required providing their 4-digit customer code, which is found on their monthly bill statement.

What calls are shown online in “View My Call History?

The call history page mention all outbound calls, which include local calls as well as all the international calls and operator service and directory assistance.

What is call history?

Call history is the record of all the calls associated with user’s phone account. Users can be able to view the last 5 months of outbound international, long distance, operator service, and directory assistance calls.

Where do users find the call detail for their international OnePrice calls?

User call history for international OnePrice can be found by visiting the call Overview page and select the links located in the international OnePrice usage summary on the right side of the call history tab.