Follow These Steps To Activate Your Sprint Phone Quickly


A new sprint phone can easily activated over a call with the Sprint customer support. You have to activate your Sprint phone in order to use it on a Sprint network. There are various ways you can Activate your Sprint phone such as contacting with a Sprint customer support executive, online and by visiting a Sprint outlet. You can activate a Sprint phone via Boost Mobile also. Here are some easy ways to activate your Sprint phone without breaking a sweat.

Keep These Things Ready

Make sure that you have sufficient charging left in your phone before you start the activation process. And keep a back of your phone’s content. Here are a list of things which you should know and keep ready:

  • Activation code and phone’s model number
  • Your social security number
  • Sprint account number
  • Debit or credit card details (only if you have to pay some dues)
  • Cellphone account information (when porting your number to Sprint)

How To Activate Sprint Phone Over A Call

Just call on Sprint customer service on 888-211-4727. You will get in touch with a Sprint executive you will provide complete assistance in activation. Just follow the instructions given by executive and your Sprint phone will be activated shortly.

How To Activate Sprint Phone Online

Activating Sprint phone online is a quite simple process. Just log-in your Sprint account on Sprint website on your browser and follow and enter the required information. However, if you have a Boost Mobile, visit that network’s website.

How to Check If The Activation worked?

Soon after you finish with the activation process, check by calling, texting and using internet to see if the activation worked or not. If you have ported from any other network, it usually takes upto 2 hours in activation.

If you are unable to contact your Sprint phone, contact Sprint.

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