Follow This Simple Guide To Block A Number On AT&T


Every mobile phone user wishes to keep his/her contact number private. You don’t want to receive calls from unwanted people as it is quite irritating at the times. If you want to stop someone calling on your AT&T number, you can tell them to remove your number from their list or ask them not to call. Or, you can simply sign up for the AT&T service to block the number and/or try the ‘Do Not Call’ service. Let’s have a look at all the possible ways using which, you can easily block a number on AT&T.

Block Calls With AT&T Call Protect

AT&T Call Protect allows you to block the unwanted calls from one or more numbers for a maximum 30 days. In case you want to keep those numbers blocked even after that period of time, you can easily renew those numbers with the help of the Call Protect app and the numbers will be blocked for next 30 days. AT&T Call Protect automatically blocks all the fraud calls and gives you a warning about any suspected spam calls.

Call Protect Features

  • Automatic Fraud Blocking: The app detects and then blocks all the fraud calls before they even reach you.
  • Suspected Spam Warning: It recognizes the telemarketers and suspected spam callers. However, this feature is available in only the HD Voice-coverage areas currently.
  • Personal Block List: The app blocks contacts that you don’t wish to receive a call from (excludes all the unknown numbers).

To get more details on AT&T Call Protect app and know how to activate and use this app, click here. In case you want more security, you can try Call Protect Plus.

AT&T Call Protect Plus


The Call Protect Plus has many advanced call-blocking features and you have to pay $3.99 per month to use this service. It offers all the features and protection that Call Protect does and additionally offers:

  • Reverse Number Lookup: This feature matches U.S. numbers with a name and location and retrieves caller details with the help of that.
  • Enhanced Caller ID: The feature identifies all the incoming calls by name and city but is currently available in HD Voice-coverage areas only.
  • Custom Call Controls: You can choose the categories of calls you want to allow, send to voicemail or block. These categories include Political, Telemarketer, Nonprofit and more.

To get more details on AT&T Call Protect Plus app and know how to activate and use this app, click here.

For further assistance, contact our Experts or call @1-833-201-7904 and get instant help.

While you may not like to use a paid service, here are few other alternative options that you will like:

  1. Try ‘Do Not Call’ Service

It’s always a great idea to get your number enrolled in the ‘Do Not Call’ registry irrespective of the wireless company name you are getting your wireless services from. U.S ‘Do Not Call’ registry is one of the cheapest options to block unwanted calls if you have been receiving a number of unwanted calls. Follow the below steps:

a) Call 1-888-382-1222: Call 1-888-382-1222 from the number you want to save from unwanted callers.

b) Follow the prompts and register for the service: Your call will automatically be picked up by the U.S registry and they may ask you to answer few questions related to your number.

c) After that Wait for next 31 days: In the next 31 days, your number will be added to the U.S registry.

d) Ask telemarketers to erase your contact details from their list: Doing this may also help with the problem.

e) If you are still getting calls, ask them the name of their business and number: After 31 days, if you are still getting calls, they are in violation of the ‘Do Not Call’ Act.

f) Lodge a complaint with the U.S ‘Do Not Call’ registry: You can file a complaint with U.S ‘Do Not Call’ registry and if the telemarketers are in violation of the ‘Do Not Call’ Act, they can be fined.

If you face any issue while doing the above or need any other help with your AT&T phone, contact our Experts or call @1-833-201-7904 and get your issue resolved.

  1. Use Call Rejection Option On Your Phone

Nowadays, almost all the phones come with a Call Rejection feature using which you can block a number on the phone end. However, it won’t block text messaging and they will still be able to leave a voice message. Still in some cases, using this option will be more than sufficient.

  1. Use Smartphone Apps 

If you are using an Android phone or iPhone, you can easily find an app for your phone that offers call blocking features. Searching for call blockers shows a lot of such apps in the store. You may like to use some of these.

Blocking numbers through AT&T may ask you to purchase a service and pay a monthly charge for that. But, there are many other options that will help you with the same. Try the above hacks and get rid of any unwanted calls!

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