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Having issues in a Garmin device can be a big trouble, especially when you are out somewhere. However, before you start to panic let us tell you that you can resolve them by following this guide.

Garmin is one of the most famous GPS device manufacturers with millions of direct customers around the world and Garmin makes sure that its users gets a timely solution for every Garmin issue. Here is a troubleshooting guide which you can follow on your own to get instant solution or you can dial the Garmin troubleshooting number 1-833-201-7904 and talk with a Garmin representative directly.

Common Garmin Issues

  • Garmin Express not working
  • Unable to use Garmin GPS
  • Garmin device paired but not syncing with Garmin Connect
  • Garmin Express not syncing
  • Garmin GPS not turning on
  • Garmin Nuvi not working
  • Garmin not connecting with iPhone
  • Garmin Connect not showing heartrate
  • Garmin device Bluetooth not working
  • Garmin Vivoactive not charging
  • Garmin Express not working on windows 10
  • Garmin Connect not showing activity
  • Garmin not finding coordinates
  • Garmin GPS not found on Mac

Garmin Troubleshoot Guide

Troubleshooting Garmin GPS V

Follow these troubleshooting points if you are unable to use your Garmin V device:

  • Check your firmware version and make sure you are using the latest software version available for your device.
  • Confirm that your Micro SD card is not loose and planted securely in its jack. A loose SD card may reduce the functioning of your Garmin GPS V device.
  • If you are having display issues on your Garmin GPS V, make sure it is intact with no apparent physical damage. If you hear a sound while opening the device, it is an indicator that the display is broken from the inside. Go to your nearest Garmin store and repair the device.
  • If your device is not responding when connecting with the computer, test the connection. Confirm that the USB data cable is securely attached.
  • Your device may take unusually high time in acquiring signals if you are using the device after a long time or at some new place. Always run your device every other week.
  • If you are facing any other screen issue, disable the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS).
  • For more assistance, call on the Garmin phone number customer service.

Troubleshooting Garmin Nuvi

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your Gamin Nuvi device:

  • If you have an older Nuvi device and your battery is draining rapidly, you should replace it as with time the battery loses its capacity of holding power. However, if your new device is causing battery issue, contact Garmin and ask for a replacement.
  • If your Nuvi device is not recognized in the system, make sure you have connected it properly and linked it with your Garmin account.
  • If your Nuvi GPS is unable to find the coordinates, check its firmware and make sure it is running on the latest software.
  • If your Nuvi device won’t respond, try a soft reset method. Press the power button until your device restarts. Check if the issue is resolved.
  • You can opt for a factory reset but it will delete all your personalized settings. Go to the settings and opt for factory reset. It will take up to two minutes for your device to start afresh.
  • If you are unable to find a solution for your device here, call on the Garmin phone number for more help.

Troubleshooting Garmin Express

If you are having issues with Garmin Express software, follow these troubleshooting points:

  • Make sure you are running the latest firmware on your Garmin Express. You will have system issues if you use some older version of Garmin Express.
  • If you are unable to download a map for your Garmin device, make sure it is suitable with your device and your system is connected with internet.
  • If the Garmin Express software is not recognizing the Garmin device, make sure it’s connected securely.
  • Check your operating system and make sure that you have given the access to use the Garmin Express.
  • Check Garmin program files in the root folder and verify that they haven’t been deleted.
  • If your Garmin Express won’t open even after troubleshooting, uninstall and reinstall it.
  • For further assistance get in touch with Garmin customer support.

Troubleshooting Garmin Not Syncing With Garmin Connect Issue

If you are having trouble syncing your Garmin data with Garmin Connect, follow these steps:

  • Check your internet connection and make sure it is running in your device on which you are using Garmin Connect.
  • Make sure your Garmin device is in range of the Bluetooth connection and the connection is secure.
  • Close all the functions of the Garmin Connect app and close the app. Restart it.
  • Close your Garmin device and restart it. Wait till the connection is secured.
  • Disconnect your Garmin app from the Garmin Connect. Reconnect it and check if you can access the content.
  • If you are still unable to sync data with Garmin Connect, call on the Garmin customer support phone number and get help from a Garmin expert.

Troubleshooting Garmin Vivoactive Devices

You can follow these steps to resolve the issues related with your Garmin Vivoactive devices:

  • Always use the latest version of software on your Vivoactive device.
  • If your Vivoactive GPS device is not charging, make sure it is connected securely with the charger and the power switch is turned ON.
  • If you are starting your device for the first time or after a gap of months, it may take some time to function properly.
  • If you are having Bluetooth connection issue, both the devices should be in close range.
  • If you are having battery issues, confirm that you haven’t enabled various GPS Tracking Modes. Enabling several modes at the same time will use more battery and your battery will drain quickly.
  • You might receive incorrect fitness data on your Vivoactive watch if you have enabled the Auto Pause feature. Make sure it stays disabled when you are working out.
  • Do not install multiple watch faces on your devices. Make sure to delete the older ones when you download a new watch face.
  • For more troubleshooting options, dial the Garmin troubleshooting number.

Troubleshooting Garmin Syncing Issues With Strava

If your Garmin device is not syncing with Strava, follow these points:

  • Make sure you have linked the Strava account with Garmin Connect. Without linking the accounts, you won’t able to use the Strava features on your device.
  • Confirm that you have activated the automatic sync feature in your Garmin Connect.
  • You can also use Garmin Express to link your Strava account. Once you link both the accounts, you can access any changes made on your Garmin account from your Strava.
  • If you have connected your device for the first time, it may take some time to start syncing the data.
  • You can also use the direct upload feature if you don’t want to wait for the automatic sync to be complete. Select all the files with .TCX format from Garmin Connect and manually export them to the Strava.
  • If you are having errors during the export, check the file format as Strava only allows the .TCX format.
  • For further Garmin help, contact Garmin customer service.