Get a Kindle Paperwhite Device on 20 USD off from Amazon


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is already a Mashable favorite, and it’s on sale now. However, this popular e-reader device isn’t just available for Prime members this time, but everyone can get the device with Kindle Paperwhite deal.


The Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent companion to assist you tackle your ever-growing reading list. And, this great piece of technology allows you to carry tons of books, anywhere you go. So, with this device, you don’t have to pack up a million heavy books and you can easily carry as many books as you want with ease. Since it comfortably fits in your backpack, you can carry thousands of books with this digital e-reader. You can read your favorite books anywhere; no matter it’s day or night.

In case you are a sort of reader, who has to tilt to read print texts, then it offers you to change up the text size according to your convenience so as to make it easier to read for you. Moreover, it assists you understand the text easily by searching words that you don’t know. Even it can calculate how much time you may take to read another chapter as per your reading habits.

Plus, it has excellent battery backup and with a single charge, you can use it for up to a week. Normally, this device is sold at 119.99 USD, but it’s currently available at discounted price and you can buy Kindle Paperwhite for only 99.99 USD, which is a flat 17% savings on the actual price.

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