Guide To Program your Charter TV Remote


Charter Communications provides a TV series under the name of its Spectrum brand. Spectrum was rolled out in 2014. So, your Charter TV remote control may be branded with either Spectrum or a Charter logo depending on when you purchased the services. You can easily program your Charter Spectrum remote depending on its type and the type of your TV and other devices.

As suggested by Charter support, here we have mentioned complete instructions for programming a Charter TV remote.

How to Program Charter Remote: 1060BC2

This remote is also known as the Spectrum remote which comes with self-installations. Usually, these are the installations which are performed by the users. So, you installed your Charter Spectrum TV box of your own then you are likely to have a Charter 1060BC 2 remote. It comes with the ability to record, fast forward, rewind and pause your TV shows. If you want to program this Charter remote, you can do it by pressing the button on your device which you wish to program to your remote and keep holding the “Set Up” button until a light on the top of your remote blinks twice. Now, enter the code of your TV, DVD or audio device. Some of the common TV brand codes are

  • For LG: 11178, 10856, 11423
  • For Sony: 11685, 10810
  • For Vizio: 10885, 10864, 11758 and
  • For Samsung: 10814, 10766 and 10812.

Some of the common DVD player codes are

  • For RCA: 20717, 20571 and 20522
  • For Sony: 21033, 20862 and 20533 and
  • For Samsung: 20199, 20573 and 20490.

You can get more Charter remote codes in the manual of your Charter 1060BC2 remote. This manual is available on the official website of Charter Spectrum. After you have tried each code, you need to press the “Power” button of your remote and if the devices turn on or off, the programming is done. If it does not, try with another code depending on your device and brand.

How to Program a Spectrum URC 2060 Remote

The Spectrum 2060 is a Charter remote which comes with auto-programming for Televisions. It means that there is no need for you to enter any programming code for the 10 most popular TV brands. To program your remote just press and hold the “Setup” button till you see a light on the remote blink twice. After that, press “TV Power” button on your remote. Now, press the number for your particular TV brand and hold it till your TV turns off. Different TV brands use a different number like:

  • Vizio TVs use 0
  • Toshiba TVs use 9
  • Sony TVs use 8
  • Samsung TVs use 6
  • Magnavox/Phillips TVs use 5
  • Panasonic TVs use 4
  • Mitsubishi TVs use 3
  • Zenith/LG TVs use 2 and
  • Insignia/Dynex TVs use 1

For programming other TV brands, you need to perform a code search. For doing this, you need to keep pressing the “Setup” button until its light blinks, then hit the “TV Power” button. Press and hold the “Select/OK” key till your TV turns off. Once it is off, your Spectrum remote has successfully been programmed to control your Television.

How to Program a Universal Electronics C4000/S4000 Remote

The Spectrum UE C4000 remote is one of the most common Charter remotes which have the ability to control multiple devices such as TVs, DVD, and audio players. You can program your particular devices using the code for their brands. Simply, press the button for your specific device which you wish to program with your remote. After that, press and hold the “Set Up” button until its light blinks twice. Enter the code of your device. Some of the common brands’ codes are:

  • For Vizio TVs 10885, 10864 and 11758
  • For Sony TVs: 11685 and 10810
  • For Samsung TVs: 10766 and 10812
  • For Magnavox: 11198, 10802 and 11866.

Again, For programming other TV and devices brands you need to find the Charter remote codes by consulting the manual of your C4000 remote control. You can get this manual on the official site of Charter Spectrum. After trying each code, press the “Power” button and if it works, it means your TV has been successfully programmed to your remote. If it does not work, try with another code.

In case you face any kind of difficulty in programming or using your Charter TV remote, you should call Charter customer support immediately. Simply dial the toll-free number and get direct advice from the expert professionals without any delay.

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