How To Contact Customer Service On Your Sprint Phone?


Any Sprint customer can contact Sprint customer service from his phone regardless of the mobile phone they own. By contacting the Sprint customer service, you can make payment through your phone, get technical support for your new phone and can even buy new equipment over the phone.

There is a short phone code with which one can directly connect to the customer care unit using a Sprint phone. If for some reason, the code doesn’t work, you can contact Sprint Customer Service through their 10-digit phone number. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Get the necessary information to speak to the Sprint customer service. You would need the 10-digit main Sprint phone number which is linked with the account, the last four digits of the social security number of the account holder, the Sprint account number, and lastly, the security code linked with the account. All of these are needed to verify your Sprint account when you call the customer service.

Step 2: Turn on your Sprint phone.

Step 3: Either dial ‘*2’ or dial ‘888-211-4727’

Step 4: Press ‘Call’ or ‘Send’. You Sprint phone dials customer service. Kindly wait until you get the automated service.

Step 5: Press ‘1’ if you are calling from the same Sprint phone which is associated with your Sprint account or provide the 10-digit Sprint number for your account. After that, carefully listen to the automated service and then press the digit on your phone to get the service you need. For example, press ‘2’ to make a payment through your phone.

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