How To Set As Your Default Browser Home Page


Having as your home page will allow easy access to Spectrum account, billing information and TV streaming if you are a Spectrum subscriber. Charter has now changed into Spectrum brand so when you type, it automatically directs you to Assuming that you are a Spectrum internet user, you would definitely want to set the as your home page to enjoy easy access to its content.

What Is A Browser Home Page?

Home page refers to that page which opens directly when you open your browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. A company’s home page is the prime page which contains all the information and services of the company which is available to its users. In most of the cases, the home page of a company is made up from its name so that users can find it easily. If you don’t know a company’s home page, you can easily search it with the help of a search engine.

A large number of people set a home page which they want to access regularly. As soon as you will open your browser, the home page will start loading. Every browser lets you set your own choice of home page for easy approach.

How To Set As Chrome Home Page

You can easily set a page as chrome’s home page by clicking the ‘Home’ icon. It is appears as three dots on the top right side of your browser. If it does not appear, go to the Appearance heading and click on the ‘Show Home Button’ feature.

The home icon of Chrome looks like a tiny house in your navigation bar. Just click on it and enter the URL of the page you want ti set as a home page and it will be saved automatically.

How To Set As Firefox Home Page

Setting a home page in Firefox browser is quite easy. You just have to open the page which is in your Firefox browser and click on the Home button which will be appearing on the right side in navigation bar.

There will be a pop-up asking you to confirm if you want to make this page as your default home page, by clicking yes, you will be saving the as your home page.

How To Set As Microsoft Browser Home Page

If you are a Microsoft Edge browser user, you have to follow three steps in order to set as your home page. First, you have to open ‘Settings and more’ page and click on ‘Settings’ option. Second, you have to choose the ‘Set your homepage’ feature and thirdly you have enter the URL i.e. and click on ‘Save’. The settings will be saved automatically.

If you are a Microsoft Internet Explorer user, follow these steps:

  • Click on the ‘Tools’ button
  • Open ‘Internet Option’ page and click on ‘General’
  • Enter the URL in the ‘Home Page’ and click on OK

Charter Has Changed To Spectrum

Spectrum was rolled out in 2013 as a subsidiary of Charter and charter has used the name Spectrum as its internet and cable services. Spectrum now also has Time Warner Cable in its services since its acquirement. The site has been converted in and if you try to go to, you will automatically direct on site.

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