How To Unlock Your Sprint Phone Without Spending Money


Looking to unlock your Sprint phone and switching over to another network? Get ready for a tough road. Unlocking a Sprint phone and using another network is not an easy task. Specially, when you are looking to unblock it for free.

Normally when you purchase a phone from a carrier, it come with a lock that only lets you use that particular carrier’s network. That means you cannot just get mobile from one carrier and shift your network to other.

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Unblocking a Sprint phone for free is difficult due to its rigidity in its unlocking. However, there are some ways you can follow to unlock a Sprint Phone without spending any money. The following way is quite effective in unlocking iPhone and Android devices.


Sprint has the reputation of having some unbending prerequisites in order to unlock a phone. Make sure you have all the necessary requirements if you want to shift to another network for free. These are

  1. The basic requirement is to have smartphone from Sprint.
  2. The phone should be capable of unlocking the domestic SIM feature.
  3. The device should not be reported as stolen, lost or blocked. If reported, it can not be unlocked as it would then counted as blacklisted by the other carriers.
  4. Maintain a well organized account with Sprint. It is also a requirement so make your payments on time.
  5.  You can not unlock your device just after buying. Sprint says that you can only unlock it after continuous use of 50 days.
  6. There must be no pending payments or outstanding dues with Sprint.
  7. If going on a international travel and looking to unlock your phone, it should be capable of having SIM unlock function for international travel.
  8. If you have a Sprint prepaid device and you are looking to unlock it, you have to wait for at-least 12 months before you can use the unlock feature. Besides that, you have to call the prepaid customer service in order to unlock it. Sprint prepaid customer support number is – 855-639-4644.

Unlock A Sprint Smartphone Or Tablet

If you think you can met with the above mentioned requirement, you have to be in touch a Sprint customer support executive to unlock your device. If not call, you can get in touch with them via online chat and chat with an executive to start the unlock process.

The process of unlocking Sprint phone gets complicated from here. Sprint phones who came with a inbuilt SIM slot manufactured within a couple of years can not be unlocked. You will not be able to put any other Carrier’s SIM card in the given slot. However, Sprint says that devices made after 2015 are automatically unlock-eligible and they gets unlock as soon as they met with the necessary requirements.

The best part about Sprint’s international unblock feature is that it provide you a temporary unlocking. If you are heading out somewhere, you can simply ask for a temporary unlock. You can get the help from a customer support executive or you can check the My Account page on Sprint’s website. Just select your phone and it provide you with a link to access international unlock feature.

But for all those things to happen, you first have to met with the Sprint’s requirement. The company do not provide leniency even to its long time users.

Third Party Services by icustomerservice

Do not lose hope if Sprint turned down your unlock request. There are numerous third party services which lets you unlock your phone. Even if you do not meet with the rigid requirement of Sprint, using a third party service will let you unlock your phone in a short period. However, this third party service is not free. You have to spend from 10 to 50 dollars if you take some third party service.

There are several companies who provide this service. So check out which is the best one in your area. Do not simply trust a company who does not have a good record as you might fell victim to a fraud so research before you take up a third party service.

Final Verdict

It is quite tough to maintain the perquisites of Sprint phone in order to unlock it. Sprint is regarded as one of the more difficult carriers in providing unlock services. There are no specified app for unlocking and no Request Portal which you can find in AT&T. The only way to unlock your smartphone is by maintaining a good account history and going through a firm set of requirements.

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