How You Can Send A Text To AT&T Phone via Email


Were you aware of the fact that you can sent a text message to a cell phone with the help of your email?

Your email message can be sent to a cell phone across gateways provided by several cell phone carriers. These gateways are also known as SMS (Short Messaging Service) and MMS ( Multimedia Messaging Service). These gateways compresses a email in the form of text and sent it to a cell phone in the way of SMS or MMS. Just follow these simple tips to to send a text message via your email or need any support call us

1st Step

The first thing you will need is the telephone number of the person you are going to send the text. And the person’s area code too.

2nd Step

Sign-in into your account a draft the message you want to send. Just remember that AT&T only allows permits 160 characters for an text message. If your message contains more than 160 characters, the recipient will get multiple texts.

3rd Step

If you want to send a image, video or a audio file, just attach it in your message with the help of email attachment tool. Contemplate the size of media files before sending the text. If the file size is larger than permitted, the text can be canceled.

4th Step

For SMS: When you have compiled your text, type the phone number of the recipient prior to the carrier gateway i.e. in your browser’s address bar. Just put it like

For MMS: If you are sending media files through your mail, you have to make a slight change in the carrier’s address. You have to put ‘mms’ instead of ‘txt’ in the address. It will go like

5th Step

After following the 4th step, you just have to click on the send button. Your message will be sent as a text message to the receiver.

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