India Tourism Rises As the fifa world cup 2022 Approaches


India has experienced a rise in tourism, with the fifa world cup 2022 less than a week away. International Business Times reports that many people are visiting India and that the games may be as successful for India than the FIFA World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

Although the fifa world cup 2022 first match will be in Sri Lanka, the vast majority of matches, including the final, will be in India. Globetrotters have a lot of time to reach India for a match, as the games start on February 19th and finish on April 2.

The majority of tour packages that allow you to visit all matches in India are almost sold out. Tickets will still be available for the semi finals and the game that determines the winner.

“The response was overwhelming. The majority of inventory for India matches and semi-finals has been sold,” Rajiv Duggat chief operating officer of one India’s top outbound travel agencies, said to the news source. “We kept some inventory for later.”

Many who plan trips to India for the tournament are sure to have someone who can send money to India should they run out of travel funds.

While the games have not yet begun, many companies in the tourism sector have already seen an increase of revenue. In the last few days, profits have increased at hotels and airlines.

Cleartip vice president of business Development Tarique Khatari said that Cleartip has experienced a 100 per cent jump in air travel sales and a 120percent increase on hotel bookings for February 27th, compared to last years rates. This is a highly anticipated match, with the Indian team taking on England.

He stated that “the travel business is growing overall, and the World Cup gives a boost it,” in comments to the news source.

If you are unable or unwilling to travel to India Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, you can still catch the action online.



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