How to Install Charter Spectrum Security Suite?


Charter spectrum is basically an Internet Service Provider (ISP) resembling with that of Time Warner Cable or Comcast. Get here tips to Install Charter Spectrum Security Suite.

After recognition of the basic importance of safety measures of PCs and analyzing various online threats, Charter Spectrum has recently included a new free computer-protection software, known as Charter Security Suite, along with the service subscription with few added services.

Install Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum Security suite consists of a highly-efficient firewall, full-fledged anti-virus software, anti-phishing tool, anti-spyware, etc and all these updates are channelized automatically.

All the Charter customers are recommended to download and install Charter Security Suite in order to ensure the complete protection and safety of the system.

Here, we have listed some simple steps which will guide you to download and install the Charter Spectrum Security Suite in the most convenient way:

Step 1

Firstly, visit the official Charter account log-in webpage.

Then, enter your pre-registered user name along with the correct password.

Now, click to “Login.”

Step 2

Open the “Internet Services & Tools tab” after logging in. After that, click the “Charter Security Suite™” link followed by”Activate” link, all in “Step 1.

And, activate the software license key.

Step 3

After following all the above-mentioned steps, you will automatically receive a confirmation pop-up window. Click to “Save” the confirmation appearing in the pop-up window.

Now, navigate to the specified location of your hard drive to change the setup file.

And, click to “Save” it again.

Execute this file by double clicking on the saved file.

Then, follow all the upcoming prompts emerging in a distinguishable stepwise manner.

The installation wizard automatically guides you to install Charter Security Suite.

At last, restart your computer after getting specific prompts.

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