Spectrum Phone Issues Troubleshoot Guide For Voice and No Dial Tone


Spectrum offers brilliant phone service to its customers to enjoy interruption-free calling. It has many new features like call waiting, forwarding and caller ID that makes it different from other calling services. However, you may encounter issues while using spectrum phone services, so here we have listed some issues along with their fixes to help you out.

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Follow the steps to fix the issue:

Verify that your services are running

  1. If you are a subscriber of Spectrum TV, check that your device (TV) is running.
  2. If you are a subscriber of Spectrum Internet, check that you are able to connect to the Internet connection.
  3. If only your phone is out, try continue troubleshooting.

Verify Connections

  1. If you have only one mobile number, the line of mobile should be connected from the mobile to Line 1 present on the router’s back, and the coaxial cord should be connected from the splitter or cable outlet to Cable In present on the back side of the router.
  2. In case if you have another mobile number, the line of mobile should be connected from the mobile to Line 2 present on the router’s back.
  3. If you have the cordless phones, ensure that they’re attached to a power outlet.
  4. Check for the dial tone on your phone.
  5. If you do not find a dial tone, continue to further steps.

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Connect another Phone

  1. Disconnect the phone that is currently in use.
  2. Connect another phone.
  3. Check for the dial tone on the phone that you have recently connected.
  4. If you find a dial tone on your recently connected phone, the issue might be with your original phone or handset.
  5. If you do not find a dial tone, continue to further steps.

Test your Wall Jack

  1. Disconnect the cord that is connecting the modem and telephone wall jack.
  2. Connect the modem and phone to the wall of another telephone available at your place.
  3. If you find a dial tone, the issue might be with your telephone wall jack.
  4. If you do not find a dial done, follow the further steps.

Power OFF your Modem

  1. Unplug power cable directly from the router’s back or from an electric outlet.

Note: If the power light of router is ON, it means the battery of router is charged, in this case, you’ll need to remove its battery out or tap the reset switch to turn the modem OFF.

  1. Wait for about 5 minutes and plug the modem back again.
  2. Wait for additional 10 minutes, this will give time to the modem to reset.
  3. Look for a dial tone.

Easy Steps For Voice Troubleshooting

No Dial Tone Issue Troubleshoot:
  • Make sure that the receiver is properly hung on the equipment.
  • Check for any loose or broken connections.
  • Verify that all the wiring are connected properly.
  • If you have a cordless phone, replace the old batteries and try again.

Dropped Call Issue troubleshoot:

  • Check your phone’s audio jack.
  • Verify that your voice services are activated.
  • Plug your phone in a different jack to confirm if your jack has crashed.
  • If your phone is not working in another jack, the problem lies in your phone. Contact Spectrum in this case.

Unable To Receive Incoming Calls Issue Troubleshoot:

  • If you are a new Spectrum subscriber, it may take up-to 72 hours to start receiving incoming calls.
  • Verify that you have paid the previous bills and you have a active subscription.
  • Check that you have not enabled the ‘Block Unwanted Callers’, ‘Call Forwarding’ or ‘Accept Selected Callers’ feature.

Unable To Make Outgoing Calls Issue Troubleshoot:

  • Unplug your device from all the equipment(Fax and cordless machine) and reconnect it.
  • Make a call on a Spectrum network. If the call is going, Try calling a non spectrum network. If the call is not going, there might be some network problem on the other side.
  • Repeat the step and if still unable to make a call, contact Spectrum customer support.

Low Volume Troubleshoot:

  • Check the level of your volume, if low, turn it up.
  • Check the mute button on your equipment. Make sure it is not activated.
  • Take help from the user manual if the problem still persists.

Typewriter And Garbling Service Issue troubleshoot:

Spectrum has a special ‘Typewriter And Garbling’ service for people with hearing impairment. Follow these steps if you have issues in this phone:

  • Type AAA111 and press the space key to clear garbling.
  • Change your phone setting to ‘Baudot’.
  • Check that your phone is placed correctly in the acoustic cups.

If the dial tone is still not established even after performing these steps, contact support for further help.

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