Lexington Finds New Spectrum Opponent in MetroNet


Mayor of Lexington city, Jim Gray says that a brand-new cable opponent is coming to the city. MetroNet, the fiber optic company, also assures the Mayor of accomplishing his aim of transforming the Lexington into a “gigabit city”.

On Tuesday, Mayor praised the MetroNet’s idea to build a fiber optic web of $70 million dollars in the Lexington city, transmitting data at gigabit speed, providing another option to the frustrated customers of Spectrum TV.

Gray stated that “What this represents is Santa Claus coming to town. Because we’ve had so many cable complaints and we know that this is a customer-driven association”.

Lexington Finds New Spectrum Opponent in MetroNet

If they will get the success, the authority says it would be the Kentucky’s biggest gigabit city – by customer base and population – in the whole nation. President of MetroNet association, John Cinelli commented that their company provides the internet speed that grants the users to download a high-definition movie of 90 minutes in just thirty secs, and they are hoping to begin the manufacturing in January.

Cinelli stated that “We focus on customers. We’re in 35 communities right now and growing. They key for us is to bring choice and competition. That’s where we win because we think if we bring choice and competition to the community we can earn our customers’ loyalty and we can earn them signing up with our organization”.

The contract is expected to go on the docket for city council contemplation on Thursday.

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