Some Common magicJack Issues And Their Guaranteed Solutions 1-833-201-7904

magicJack has made the online calling very simple but due to its complex setup and local technical faults, many of its users face few calling or device issues from time to time.

If you do not have a telephone service but you have internet, with the help of magicJack, you can call in US and Canada without any charges. If you are facing some kind of technical issue with magicJack service, you can call magicJack support on 1-833-201-7904 or you can follow this troubleshoot guide which explains the solution process in easy steps.

MagicJack Calling Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

MagicJack Calling Issues

  • magicJack calls not going through
  • magicJack calls not clear
  • magicJack not calling out
  • magicJack calling issues with windows 10
  • magicJack incoming calls not ringing
  • magicJack troubleshooting no line
  • Getting an error code while making calls on magicJack
  • Incoming caller ID not working on magicJack
  • magicJack call forwarding not working
  • magicJack call blocking not working
  • magic jack no dial tone issue
  • magicJack problems receiving calls
  • ‘Line In Use’ error in magicJack
  • magicJack call waiting not working

Troubleshooting Static Issue in magicJack

If your magicJack calls are not clear or you are hearing some static noise during the calls, you can resolve the issue by following these points:

  • Make sure your magicJack phone is connected with power and it has sufficient battery to make calls.
  • To make sure that you are having the static noise issue, try calling on various numbers. If you are having issues in some particular numbers, the problem might be in those devices.
  • Make sure your internet connection is active and strong.
  • Make sure the Ethernet cable is connected securely.
  • You can perform a soft reset on your device to make it run smoothly. Unplug your device from the source and wait for a minute. Connect it again and check if you are still having the issue.
  • Check your device and confirm that it is not a faulty device. If you received a faulty device, contact magicJack customer support and ask for a replacement.
  • If you need further assistance, you can dial the magicJack phone number customer service and talk to a representative directly.

Troubleshooting Call Dropping Issues in magicJack

Follow these troubleshoot steps to resolve the call dropping issue from your magicJack equipment:

  • To make sure that you have a smooth calling experience, opt for a steady internet package where you can receive interrupted internet service. If you have a wireless device, use an internet connection with high speed.
  • Check signals in your magicJack device and make sure that you are having strong signals. If you are having only 2 signal bars, you might face call dropping issue.
  • Make sure that your equipment always stays connected with power. If you live at a place with high power cuts, use an external UPS device.
  • If you are having internet outage issue, contact your ISP and confirm that you are in an internet outage area. Wait till internet is active again.
  • If you are not in an internet outage area and yet you are having unsteady supply of internet, try power cycling option on modem. Unplug the main power cord from the power outlet and connect it again after 60 seconds. Check your internet to confirm that internet is active now.
  • If you are still unable to make calls or facing the call drop issue on your magicJack, contact magicJack customer support.

Troubleshooting No Line error on magicJack

Follow these troubleshooting options if you are getting No Line error on your magicJack:

  • Make sure your handset is properly hung up on the jack.
  • If you have a different phone or a different cable, connect them and check if you are still having the issue. If not, your magicJack device might be damaged internally.
  • Disconnect the device from the port and insert it in another USB port. Check if you are still having the Line error.
  • You can also contact magicJack customer support number by dialing the magicJack phone number.

MagicJack Device Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

magicJack Device Issues

  • magicJack device not detected
  • magicJack ‘Error: Broken Storage’ issue
  • magicJack error 1
  • magicJack error 23
  • magicJack Plus not working
  • magicJack device not starting after computer boot up
  • magicJack echo issues
  • magicJack quality issues
  • magic jack device not working with router
  • Getting installation error on magicJack device
  • magicJack go not workings
  • unable to register magicJack device

Troubleshooting ‘Error: Broken Storage’ Issue from magicJack

Follow these steps to resolve the Broken Storage issue from your magicJack device:

  • To start the troubleshoot process remove the magicJack device from computer and insert it again while pressing the SHIFT
  • After inserting the device, Tap on Start and open My Computer.
  • You might be having a new device in your drive by the name of Phone, Vista Only or Removable Disk.
  • Right click on the device and opt for
  • On the prompt message tap on
  • After the process is finished, disconnect the magicJack device and connect it again after 30 seconds.
  • Your Broken Storage issue will be resolved.
  • For more tech assistance, call on magicJack phone number.

Troubleshooting magicJack Not Detected Issue

If your magicJack device is not getting detected automatically when computer starts, you can try the following troubleshoot options:

  • If you are using windows 10 in your system, make sure you have enabled the working of magicJack device on boot up. You can do so by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and going to the task manager.
  • If you are using the Vista operating system and having this issue, you have to copy the setup file of magicJack in the Startup Folder which you can find in All Programs.
  • If you are running windows XP in your system, make sure you have enabled the View Hidden files option in your system. You can copy the magicJack setup file and paste it in Open All Users
  • If you are using a Mac system, magicJack will automatically start after you connect the device in the USB port of Mac. If your device does not start, try inserting the device in your router. If it still doesn’t work, contact Apple customer support for further solution.
  • If you are still facing the issue, contact magicJack support.

Troubleshooting magicJack Plus

Follow these steps to troubleshoot your magicJack Plus issues:

  • Make sure the lights on your magicJack Plus are blinking. If the lights are not blinking on the device, it means that the device is not getting power supply.
  • You may have call drop issues if your system is having slow internet speed. To confirm a high-speed internet, use an Ethernet cable for the connection.
  • If your magicJack Plus won’t start after inserting in the USB jack, try to insert it in your router directly.
  • Check your system and make sure you have installed the magicJack Plus software properly. Also check that you haven’t deleted the software program files accidentally.
  • If you have installed any firewalls in your system, disable them and try to use the magicJack. If you can use the calling feature now, add magicJack as an exception in your firewall system.
  • For tech support help for your magicJack Plus, you can call magicJack phone number customer support.

MagicJack App Issues And Troubleshoot Guide

magicApp Issues

  • magicApp Security issues
  • Audio quality issues on magicApp
  • Missing calls on iPhone using magicApp
  • Text messages gone on magicApp
  • magicApp not getting text messages

Troubleshooting magicJack App

Follow these steps to resolve issues related with magicApp:

  • If you are having calling issues on your phone, make sure you have enabled the magicApp notifications. You can do it by going to the App setting folder.
  • Before uninstalling the app, make sure you have a backup of your text messages. Once magicApp is uninstalled, the text messages cannot be retrieved.
  • If you are not getting text on your magicJack number, make sure that it is coming from a 10-digit number. You will not receive any text message from a code or advertising numbers.
  • If you are having calling issues on your magicApp, make sure that you have an active magicJack plan.
  • To resolve your magicApp issues, you can call on magicJack troubleshooting number and take the help from a magicJack expert.