Netflix, Finally Dropped the Idea to Gamify Children’s Shows


Finally, Netflix has decided to drop out its idea to gamify children’s shows as revealed in a recent announcement. It should be noted that previously, the company had been testing a new feature of allowing children to collect “patches” for streaming episodes of select shows. The key aim of the feature was to encourage children to watch certain Netflix originals.


According to a company’s statement, though the company had concluded the test for the new feature for kids, it eventually decided not to implement the idea at all. Also, the company said that Netflix keeps testing lots of features so as to ascertain what would work well and what would not work at all for its users.

When the test was being conducted, people, who had been included into the test could view a red lock mark (not sure of the reason for the sign) on certain shows that had been selected for the test. The shows and films that were chosen for the test included A Series of Unfortunate Events, Trollhunters, The Magic School Bus Rides Again and Home.

Many feedback that Netflix received from its users was quite confusing and the feature did not appear to be completely useful as with patches, users couldn’t actually do anything. So, once a user earns such patches, there was no actual use of them as they didn’t allow for extra shows or films. It was simply a test. However, many critics also commented about this new feature and called it as ethically dubious, arguing that it would promote addictive behavior in kids with respect to watching television. In fact, it was observed that the patches convinced a few children to watch Trolls multiple times.

All in all, the idea for implement this new feature was eventually dropped by Netflix because of a large number of negative feedbacks.

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