Netflix Is Testing Patches to Gamify Streaming Experience for Kids?


Over the past few weeks, Netflix has been experimenting a gamified bingeing experience for kids with a subset of its audience by allowing them to gather supposed patches for streaming episodes of select programs. Initially, the test was detected by twitter users and since then, it has been confirmed by a spokesperson from Netflix, who told that they are testing a new functionality on select kids titles that provide them with collectible items to enhance their interactive experience. Moreover, this feature will allow kids to add an element of fun by providing them something to talk about as well as share around the shows titles they love.


People, who are a part of the test find red locks marked on the eligible shows. However, if a user collects patches it doesn’t unlock any type of additional content for the user; Instead, it’s a reward in itself. This seemed to leave many users on twitter puzzled as to what all they should do with collected patches.

While some Twitter users seem to be worried about this feature, arguing that such type of gamification may encourage kids to view too much TV, many positive feedbacks are also provided by the people on twitter. Some even tweeted that patches are really working, regardless of their positive or negative effect.

While Netflix keeps testing potential new features from time to time, not all of such features become a part it. Apart from this, Netflix is also interviewing thousands of users every year to ascertain how the services is performing, what users need and how they can improve.

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