There Is No Dial Tone on My Phone, What Should I Do?

While using the Xfinity Voice Service, you may face a technical issue. This can hinder you to stay in connection with your family and friends.

In case you are having a no dial tone trouble with your phone, ensure that the cordless phone batteries are changed and all phones are on the hook.

Check for the signals inside your home

For this, follow:

  • Check that the issue is with the phone or the jack, by plugging in the working cord to the different jacks.
  • To ensure that issue is not related to the inside wiring in your home, try to plug in the phone to Xfinity Voice modem directly.
  • On your modem, check the lights. As per the displayed light sequence, you may have to reset your voice modem.

Check for the signals outside your home

For this follow:

Locate NID that is Network Interface Device

  • The main task of NID is to link your telephone network to the inside wiring. This is where the outside wiring meets the wiring inside your home.
  • Usually, NIDs are gray boxes (6” -9” long) which are attached outside your home. In case, you live in an apartment, the NID must be attached to your lot, thus, ask your building manager.

Now, test your outdoor NID

  • Open the cover on the box which is marked as “Customer Access”.
  • Next, from the test jack, you have to remove the plug.
  • At last, plug in the corded telephone which is working properly, into the test jack.

If the tone is faint, intermittent or unclear or you do not hear a dial tone, the problem is with some other equipment.

In case, this article isn’t helpful, contact the professionals for further assistance.