Which One to Choose Between Kindle and Print Book Depends on What You Read?


New interesting facts have been derived from a recent analysis of book-buying behavior of people and found that differences in the books that they choose to read depend on the book’s format. According to Thinknum analysis, Kindle readers buy different types of books from people who purchase traditional print books.


For this, Thinknum did research on the top-selling Kindle books of Amazon as well as analyzed print books in March 2018. And they figured out that if you like to buy books in Kindle e-book format, then chances are there that you are fond of reading thriller novels. Also, they found that probably you are purchasing a self-help book if you buy print books.

Further, Thinknum’s Joshua Fruhlinger also noticed that there are some novels and self-help titles sold in the Kindle e-book format, however, most books are sold in the predominant format. Top seller books during the month of March for each category included Say You’re Sorry, written by Melinda Leigh, which is a legal thriller for Kindle e-book titles and 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, written by Jordon B. Peterson for traditional print books. Further, if we analyze Amazon’s top 10 best-selling titles among Kindle e-books during March, then we will find that 9 of them were novels. And the single exception in the non-fiction best-sellers on the list Kindle e-book list was Hell’s Princess: The Mystery of Belle Gunness, Butcher of Men, written by Harold Schechter. As per the book’s description, though the book isn’t a thriller fiction, it is almost close to the genre which includes stories about the chilling accounts of female serial killers.

The Amazon’s best-selling print or physical books which were sold during the month of March, had wide variety than e-books as outlined by Thinknum. The ten best-sellers in March included two books for children, three fiction books, four books having self-help titles and one book of reference.

According to Fruhlinger, parents mostly buy print books that are available with colorful pictures so as to show to the children while reading. The reference book, Player’s Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons), which is a player’s guide, is filled with colors and illustrations.

The main objective of buying any reference book or any self-help books isn’t clear yet. But what we can observe is that they were all available in Kindle versions. Fruhlinger also noted that most of the top print self-help titles were released recently that might have high discounts.

Fruhlinger observed that “Kindle readers love fiction.”

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