How to perform a factory reset on my AT&T WiFi gateway?


AT&T internet offers high-speed internet services. And if there is some trouble with WiFi connectivity then it may hinder the internet service. So, if you have trouble with WiFi gateway, then performing a factory reset can remove this tech hassle.

With this, you can resolve many issues with your WiFi gateway by performing the factory reset. Although, factory reset is useful to resolve WiFi gateway issues, but it should be the last resort, as once performed it will remove all the custom settings that have made.

Note: If you have altered your Wi-Fi network name (i.e. SSID) or have a Static IP configured on your WiFi gateway, then ensure to note down all the settings somewhere so that you can re-apply the settings again after factory reset.

How to perform a factory reset on my AT&T WiFi gateway?

Follow the below steps for performing a factory reset on your AT&T gateway:

  • Look for the Reset button available on the backside of the gateway and just next to the power input.
  • Now press this button and hold for at least 10 seconds.

Note: Releasing the button sooner than 10 secs will cause the gateway to reboot, but it won’t reset.

  • After 10 secs release the button then wait for the gateway device to reboot and all the status lights on the device are lit. When the reboot is successful, you find that the Service and Broadband   status lights appears solid green.

In case you had the Static IP configured before the factory reset, then by following the below steps you can restore that settings:

  • Run an internet browser then enter into its address bar, and hit Enter.
  • Once the Graphical User Interface screen of the gateway appears, choose ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Now choose ‘Broadband’ subtab from there.
  • Choose ‘Link Configuration’ option.
  • Finally, re-enter the original settings then choose ‘Save’.

Additional steps

In case you altered your WiFi network name (SSID) prior to the factory reset then learn here to change the Wi-Fi network name or AT&T gateway password with a desired one .

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