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Pogo games is the longest running online gaming platform with hundreds of games. Even though the younger generation has moved on to the advanced gaming, there is a large amount of people who still love to play Pogo games.

Due to the fact that it is running since a very long time, people are having loads of issues with their gaming experience. A major portion of Pogo games is people who are 30+ and they are not usually tech-savvy people. If you are also a fan of Pogo games and come across issues every now and then, here is a troubleshoot guide which you should follow to resolve those issues.

Troubleshooting Pogo Games

Pogo EA Game Issues

Here are some of the issues which a Pogo EA games user may come across:

  • Not able to access Wednesday Challenge
  • Unable to sign into your Pogo account
  • Getting kicked out from your Pogo game
  • Bonus not showing even after purchase
  • Unable to play Pogo games on full screen
  • Badges not showing
  • Audio not coming
  • Screen resolution issue
  • Unable to make payment with Pogo using credit card and PayPal

Troubleshooting EA Pogo Game

Follow below-mentioned points to troubleshoot Pogo EA games issues:

  • Make sure your computer system meets the minimum necessary requirement to run Pogo games smoothly.
  • Check the version of the operating system in your computer. Make sure you are using the latest Operating system.
  • Always use a cache cleaner to delete the cache files to make your computer run smoothly.
  • Make sure you are not using an outdated version of Flash and Java in your system. Pogo games run efficiently only on the latest version of Java and Flash.
  • Do not install malware applications as they can cause system failure and may prevent the running of several apps and games. Always buy your software from a verified source.
  • Don’t install any Pop-Up blockers as they can block many Pogo game prompts and create trouble in running the game smoothly.
  • There are several games which you can’t access if you are using windows 8. So, make sure to upgrade your operating system.
  • Pogo has recently decided to drop down several of their games. If you are not able to access a game you used to play before, make sure it has not been dropped by Pogo.
  • A Pogo game may crash due to heavy server traffic on the site. Before playing the game check out the current count of Online Players.
  • Do not play games with several game-boards as they may reduce the working of your game and it will start lagging due to excessive usage.

Pogo Online Games Issue

  • Not able to join member games
  • Java games not loading
  • Non-standard zooming
  • Daily challenges are loading
  • FB library missing
  • Unable to flush DNS cache
  • Token not received
  • Google Chrome pausing games suddenly
  • Unable to make progress in Swash-bucks challenge
  • Unable to set Pogo as Home Page
  • Not able to apply ‘Do Not Track’ feature

Troubleshooting Pogo Games Unable To Load Issue

Follow these points if your Pogo game is not loading correctly:

  • Try to access the game in a different browser before starting the troubleshoot process. Some browsers may not allow a game to run on its platform.
  • Make sure to use the refresh option several times during the game play. If your game is not loading, press F5 key continuously to refresh the game.
  • Make sure that the Java is activated in your browsers. If your browser does not support Java script, you will not be able to run Pogo games.
  • Make sure you are using the latest Java and Flash in your system. If not, install the latest version and restart your system.
  • Check that you have not enabled any pop-up ad blockers in your system. If yes, disable them while playing online games as they can disturb and won’t allow the game to run smoothly.
  • Try power cycling of your system by shutting it down and restarting it.
  • Always play the games on the latest version of web browser. Some game might not work on the older versions of web browsers.
  • Keep in mind that Pogo game does not work with Opera browsers.
  • Make sure that your screen resolution is not smaller than 1024 x 768. Pogo game does not work in smaller screen resolutions.
  • Disable any firewall and antivirus programs while playing Pogo games as they can stop the gaming access on your system.

Pogo Games Smartphone App Issue

  • Pogo app not starting
  • Getting ‘Game Is Unable To Load’ error
  • Pogo app crashing continuously
  • App screen freezing
  • Chat issues
  • Continuous spam ads
  • Unable to give Gems to friends
  • Unable to get recent Badges
  • game progress lost
  • Daily challenges not loading

Troubleshooting Pogo Games Smartphone App Issue

Follow these points if you are unable to play Pogo games in your mobile app:

  • Try clearing the cache files of the game. It will not only free the storage in your device but it will also make your app run smoothly as well.
  • If you are using a mobile cleaner app, make sure it has not deleted the program files of Pogo games from your internal storage.
  • Check your internet connection. Sometimes, an unstable internet connection can cause lagging in the system.
  • Make sure that you are not running several apps in the background. When an app is in background, it will keep on running taking up a chunk of your total RAM.
  • If you are still unable to play games on your app, try power cycling your mobile. Switch it OFF and switch it ON after a minute.
  • If the app is still not running, uninstall the app and install it again.

Specific Pogo Issue Troubleshoot Guide

Troubleshooting Pogo Sign-In Issue

Not able to sign into your Pogo account? You can try the following points to resolve this issue:

  • Make sure you are entering the right password. There might be a chance that you may have been entering one or two digits wrong.
  • Check your username. Your password will not be accepted if you use a wrong username.
  • Make sure you are getting a decent internet speed. As Pogo games require a high-speed internet, it will not make a sign in if you have a below average internet speed.
  • Make sure you have renewed your Pogo subscription.
  • Get in touch with Pogo contact support and confirm that your account has not been deleted or blocked due to some reason.

Troubleshooting Password Reset Process In Pogo Games

Try out these points if you are not able to reset your Pogo password:

  • Launch a web browser in your computer and go to the Pogo home page.
  • This process can only be completed with internet so make sure your system is connected with internet.
  • Tap on the Sign-In option and enter your temporary credentials.
  • Scroll to ‘My Account’ and click on Edit Password.
  • First type your temporary password and then choose a strong password for your Pogo account.
  • Tap on Save Changes and your password will be reset.
  • If you are unable to complete this process, you can contact Pogo support for further guidance.

Troubleshooting Badge Missing Issue

Unable to view and collect badges anymore? Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  • Make sure you are using the latest Java and Flash player in your system.
  • Always remember to save any changes made into your account. Sometimes a badge collected will not be shown if you hadn’t saved the game earlier.
  • Sign out of your Pogo account.
  • Delete all the cache files and cookies from your web browser and Java.
  • Close your web browser and open it again.
  • Sign into your Pogo account and check if you can access the badges.

Troubleshooting Payment Error While Buying Gems Issue

Follow these steps if you are unable to purchase gems on your Pogo games:

  • Verify that you have provided the correct details of your card and address.
  • You cannot complete the purchase process without internet so make sure you are having internet connection in your system.
  • Try to process the transaction after 20 minutes of failure as if there was a server error before you can finish the purchase this time.
  • If you were charged twice, don’t panic as Pogo only charges once for a transaction. The second payment will be refunded to you.
  • You can also make your payment with PayPal so if you are not able to complete the process with credit card, you can try this alternative.

Troubleshooting Pogo Game Crashing Issue

If your Pogo game is crashing continuously, follow these points to resolve this issue:

  • Make sure you have used the Pogo Compatibility Tool to make sure your system meets the basic requirement to play Pogo games.
  • You game might crash due to heavy load on server. Make sure your system is upgraded with Flash and Java.
  • Make sure your system has enough free RAM to run the game smoothly. A crowded RAM may not perform well with Pogo games.
  • Make sure you haven’t made any changes in your Resolution screen. If you have opted for a resolution lesser than 1024, you will not be able to access several games.