How to program remote control using the setup tool?


With U-verse TV you can enjoy watching your favorite movies and television shows. Moreover, after programming the remote control, you will be able to control your television as well as other devices, without bothering about which remote control you have.

In here, we have mentioned the step-by-step method to program the remote control of your U-verse TV with the help of the setup tool.

How to program remote control using the setup tool?

Follow the given below stepwise instructions:

  1. Turn your television on and press ‘Menu’ option with the help of U-verse TV remote control.
  2. Follow: Help> Information> Remote Control Setup.
  3. From the television onscreen list, select your remote control. Refer to your particular remote control for TV or Device setup options.
  4. Next, either select Manual Setup, Automatic code or top ten brand setup. Find below their brief descriptions:
  • Manual Setup: Search for the code, at first. Next, to enter the code for your device. (After selecting this, enter your device brand name’s letter and follow the further instructions.
  • Automatic Code Search: The remote control searches for the right code of the device itself. (After selecting this, choose TV or Audio Device and follow the displayed instructions.)
  • Top ten brand setup: It is a quick and simple way to program popular TV brands. (After selecting this, choose TV or Audio Device and select your brand.)

Note: The S30 and S20 remote controls are identical in functionality, except there is a small difference that all buttons of S30 remote are backlit.

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